Cindy's Spring Picks


The coming out party known as Spring is officially underway. And I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Warmth returns to the air and rebirth is a rite. I’ll be spending this season moving to the light, then sailing into the sultry, sun-filled days of Summer. Here’s what I’m loving now, my most trusted companions for this lighter, brighter season.


I'll always remember the first time I tasted this magical tea. Until that moment, I could never have imagined that a classic green tea with its grassy, sometimes bitter bite could be so delicious. SO SO delicious. It's secret is in the roasted rice kernels that infuse it, turning on a toasted flavor that satisfies and comforts without sacrificing the nutritional win we expect from green tea. A cornerstone of radical health, green tea is said to boost the metabolism, tame inflammation, support immune function and deliver antioxidants on high. And with just the right hit of caffeine, it’s a clean energy source to fuel your focus. Ours hails from Japan and delivers the flavor and refinement you'd expect from CAP so you can say sayonara to grassy and say Konichiwa! to this wonder tea. 


Truth be told, I have a crush on Rachelle Robinett. I think we all do. The resident CAP Beauty herbalist and Supernatural superhero leads her clients to radiant health, tying her exquisite knowledge of plant remedies to a lifestyle I love and enjoy, one of juices, plant-based food, running, yoga and light. And while I'm sure we're compatible in a thousand ways, I'll limit my love affair to a love for her brilliant tea and tins. Here's one to chew on: an herbal savior in gummy form to soothe the system. Lavender offers a state of tranquility via the amygdala, regulating emotions and memory. Skullcap Leaf eases nervous system. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic root that may lower cortisol levels and better response to chronic stress. Oat Straw is an herbal nervine that is mineral rich, helping to restore and nourish. Highly portable high health.


Around this time each year, it dawns on me that my limbs must come out of hiding. And after a long, dry winter, they're ready for some love. Enter, Kahina's Fez Body Serum. Named after the sacred imperial city of Fez, this warm and earthy blend is wildly hydrating and mysteriously sensual. Rose and Orange Blossoms commingle with Citrus, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang to relieve stress, stimulate circulation and calm nerves all while smelling lush and divine. Massage this heady blend into skin daily for incomparable hydration and sultry smooth skin. Then welcome the light.


The CAP Beauty Elixir is our cult hit tonic for beauty, longevity and grace. And as you all may know we see beauty as an inside out and outside in pursuit. And so we enlisted the soap making magicians at Binu Binu to interpret its ingredients into a bar for radiant and supple skin. He Shou Wu lends its adaptogenic powers to balance and vitalize the skin while tocotrienols add their mighty dose of vitamins D and E. Coconut hydrates and heals. And to complete the package, we’ve added pink clay to purify and detoxify. Now, there's more than one way to drink it in. 


Max and Me relies on the highest vibrational ingredients in the world to create products that heal, deeply, righteously, lovingly. Poetic and mighty all at once, their line is a love song to the power of plants. This wash and mask is the stand out, the hero of the line, and for good reason. It not only brightens, hydrates and calms, it tackles even the toughest of skin concerns, from rosacea and acne to hyperpigmentation (my personal struggle!) and beyond, restoring a harmonious balance to the skin. Stimulate collagen, quiet irritation, even tone and rediscover luminous, healthful skin


Love is in the air. Alexis Smart's In Love is a perfect companion to open hearts and let in the love that is ours for the taking. I love this time of year to focus on the gifts of romance and relationship. A favorite rite of spring and an invitation to fall in love. Again.

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