Cindy's Spring Picks

It's been a long, late winter but summer is upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. As I get ready to bare my limbs and let in the light, my shortlist of products shifts too. I’m prepping myself for the sun worship that ensues and kissing goodbye the rough remnants of winter. Exfoliation, hydration and supplementation are in. Here’s what I’m loving now to get polished and get outside. See you there.


With weekend trips to come, I’m packing light with this multipurpose and totally gorgeous oil. I use on body and hair, on husband and babes. It’s perfect after sun, added to a bath and it even repels insects. Plus, it's organic and includes two of my all time favorite scents, palo santo and clary sage. Dry winter skin is done.


I’m getting back to the garden this summer and Anima Mundi meets me there. Oral care on high, this raw, vegan toothpaste harnesses the power of plants to deliver minerals, probiotics and enzymes to boost the absorption of nutrition through the gums. Detoxify and alkalize the system every time you brush. Then smile. This is the summer I discover a cleaner clean.


Another deeply hydrating travel companion, this palo santo-laced conditioner is as rich and emollient as they come, yet light to the touch and a joy to use. My dry winter locks are still in recovery. I’ll let this perfect conditioner escort me to luster. Let it shine.


Summer is the ideal time to boost our intake of antioxidants as these vital nutrients help to protect us, naturally, from sun damage. Healthforce makes some of the purest and most integral supplements we’ve found and so I turn here to turn it up.


Sultry, summery and pure, this candle from Goop makes the perfect hostess gift. Deep green notes and shiso leaf meet exotic woods, a perfect scent for the season. Get invited back.

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