Cindy's Autumn Picks


Ground down to fly high. After the high times of summer, we greet autumn with open hearts and open arms. For many, this is a season of starting anew, a time to create and a time to manifest. Settle in, and welcome the shift. These are some of my favorite tools to reap the benefits of fall's productive energies. From staying well through its onslaught of colds to parting ways with the patterns that hold me down, I'm building castles and flying high. Come along for the ride. Here's how.


Baths are my new obsession and while I might be late to the game, I'm making up for lost time. Nothing keeps me from falling prey to the inevitable spate of back-to-school colds like a deeply detoxifying soak. This beauty is harvested from the Kalahari Desert and its mineral-rich salts meet botanical magic. Loaded with oxygenating seaweed, caffeine and crushed African Buchu Leaf, every bath becomes a fully regenerative experience. Draw in its healing magic as you sweat out what doesn't serve you. My newest ritual for staying well, CAP Beauty style.


My love for great coffee is no secret, but as I clean up my act in virtually every way, I find myself reaching for a calmer source of focus. Our Matcha has become my go-to. Not only do I crave its bright and earthy taste, but its buzz is like none other. Call it euphoric energy. I call it perfect. Our Matcha is both ceremonial grade (aka vibrant green and exceptionally delicious) and is USDA Organic Certified, a rare and important combo. I take it neat, mixed in hot (not boiling) water, but it's also a brilliant addition to the CAP Beauty Elixir. Or spike it like we do with The 8AM each morning or The 4PM come afternoon.


Anima Mundi’s offerings are nothing short of supernatural. Packed with some of the most powerful antioxidant and Vitamin C rich foods on the planet, this golden elixir is my tonic of youth, an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging wonder. Its blend of Organic Turmeric, Ginger, Mangosteen and Camu Camu helps to oxygenate the blood, soothe muscle tissue and revitalize the cardiovascular system. Just a teaspoon a day will flood your body with phytonutrients and essential minerals for total body harmony. 


I fell in love with naturals when I discovered In Fiore. I don't know a line rooted more deeply in the magic of plants, light and quantum healing. Calme was the first product I bought; at the time I struggled with redness, rosacea and an "angrier" complexion. This is no longer my struggle but I do need deep hydration, and I struggle with a new bought of challenges also known as getting older. Enter In Fiore's Calendula and Comfrey oils. Each comes in an oversized bottle (perfect for those of us with a heavy hand and thirsty skin). And each addresses a different skin type. Comfrey is deeply healing, balancing and nourishing, best for those fighting dullness and irritation. Calendula (my oil) harnesses the power of light to deliver the nutrition that fights signs of aging like hyperpigmentation and a loss of elasticity. All  while breaking up congestion. Both hydrate like there's no tomorrow. Luminosity can be ours, all winter long.


There's no ritual more central to my wellness game, than the act of shedding that which doesn't serve me. A closet cleanse, colonic or good cry? Yes, yes and yes. Whitney and Hayley's candles are powerful tools, imbued with the power of moon and mindset, they assist in any manifestation or clearing rite. (I regularly burn their Pentacles candle when money's on my mind!) So of course I was intrigued by Death, their gorgeous tool for parting ways with the blocks and patterns that hold us back. Imbued with the power of the Tarot’s enduring archetypes and symbols, each ritual candle from The Sphinx and the Priestess is handcrafted in Brooklyn using premium soy wax and natural, evocative scent blends. And each contains a charged quartz crystal and personal mantra to aid in manifestation. Goodbye never sounded so good.

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