Welcome Summer! The season of warmth, the season of light and my most treasured time of year. With sun and surf and longer days ahead, I look for products to nourish and calm and harness the season of high healing. Let the sunshine in. Let there be light! Luminosity awaits.


I am a sun seeker, plain and simple. And the sun can be an incredible source of nutrition and healing. I aim to catch my rays during the safest sun hours, but there are times when I find myself needing protection. Vive Sana means “healthy living” in Italian. For Vive Sana, sun care is skincare. Vive Sana’s nourishing facial sunblock serum with SPF 20 uses non nano zinc oxide, raspberry seed oil, licorice root, green tea and argan oil to protect skin and feed it with omega fatty acids and antioxidants on high.. This brilliant serum shields skin from environmental damage while repairing past damage. A win-win for sure. And as a bonus, it evens skin tone and hydrates. 


The art of bathing is somewhat new to me, but since falling hard for this practice, I'm making up for lost time. Created by nutritionist and holistic health coath, Lizzy Ott, Vessel soaks take their cue from the spiritually cleansing waters and ritualistic traditions of South America and Ancient Greece. I love to add them to an Epsom bath for maximum healing. In this soothing formula, a combination of Epsom, sea and Himalayan salts encourage lymphatic movement and blood flow to relieve physical and emotional tension. Lavender and calendula reduce inflammation and deliver ease. Soothe also nourishes yin, mineralizes and melts the mind. Holy waters ahead.


My summer skin is in constant contact with the elements, from sun to salt to sweat and so I seek a bit of balance. A calming and stabilizing treatment, this perfecting mask clears skin of congestion with gently exfoliating enzymes. Redness and sebum are reduced so overall clarity may rise to its highest power. Clear summer skin is mine thanks to Tata and her high plant science.


Clear your mind and space with the heady scent of these sacred sticks. Traditionally used in shamanic rituals, Palo Santo releases your space from negative energy and encourages a free and open mind. There's nothing I love more than its woodsy, otherworldly scent. I'll burn it all summer. Holy wood come hither. The clearing is afoot.


In Summer months my diet skews heavily raw and I find myself reaching for the simplest foods. Our Coconut Butter is made from just 1 ingredient, whole organic coconut. Made using an ancient method known as stone-grinding, it's completely raw and never heated. This old world approach of grinding preserves both the coconut’s nutrients and flavor, while resulting in a smooth texture like no other. I use it to make a last minute milk or tonic latte, as the base for chocolates and take it by the spoonful when I need lasting energy and an instant charge. It's our #1 selling product for a reason. The CAP Cult can't be wrong.

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