Cindy’s Spring Picks


The coming out party known as Spring is officially underway. And I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Warmth returns to the air and rebirth is a rite. I’ll be spending this season moving to the light, then sailing into the sultry, sun-filled days of Summer. Here’s what I’m loving now, my most trusted companions for this bright and brilliant season.



LINNÉ Purify Face Wash Picking a favorite cleanser is a little like picking a favorite album. There are so many great ones and it all comes down to mood. And when I’m in the mood for seriously clean, I reach for this. The perfect balance of clays and nourishing oils, it purifies without stripping the skin and Jenna, Linné’s beautiful founder, has even thrown in a handful of botanicals to firm, tone and take down redness. Is this the best cleanser ever? Some days, yes.

The Nue Co. Skin Food Prebiotic We are all a little in love with The Nue Co and their succinct collection of protein-based powders and prebiotic boosts. Skin Food is a nourishing formula that tackles inflammation and encourages cell renewal from the inside. It provides a healthy hit of antioxidants and good-for-your-gut prebiotics to aid digestion and maintain a healthy bacterial balance. Like we always say, Begin Within.

Max and Me I am the Light I’m no longer going for simply great skin, for healthy, youthful and flawless skin. Those are all great, but my new goal is luminous. I want to radiate light. And so I reach for the highest vibrational products, products teeming with love and intention. And there may be no line more fitting to this end than Max and Me. Our newest discovery and obsession hails from Austria and is the love child of Tanja and Max, two elegant beings who bring this light to their every move. Only the highest vibrational ingredients make the cut and their products deliver an otherworldly glow. I am the Light is their standout face oil and the beacon on my journey to luminous. This spring, I’ll immerse myself in light.

Living Libations Peppermint Exfoliating Scrub We’ve waited all winter to shed the layers, to feel the heat of Summer sun on our wanting skin. I’ll spend these early days of Spring waking things up. Prepping and polishing and getting primed for Summer days. This new favorite scrub will be my secret weapon. The cooling powers of mint are a perfect partner to bright citrus, nourishing Jojoba, Coconut and finely exfoliating pumice. Hit refresh and say hello to brighter days ahead.

Cocofloss Mint One day when we were running low on this, my husband, Laurent, asked me to bring some more home. Because, he said, “Once you drive a Ferrari, you simply can not go back to a Deux Chevaux.” Insert your own French accent and get flossing now. This will change the game forever.

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