Cindy’s Late Summer Picks


Early September is a time of deep transition. For those of us who love the sun and crave its warmth, it’s a kind of last call. Others look to ground down, to embrace the promise of new beginnings and the return to the polish and elegance of the season. My favorite products now help prepare my body for the shifting temperatures and help me embrace the last vibrations of summer. May it linger.



NordicNordic Vanilla Chaga Tea Chaga is known as the King Healer and with its immune boosting properties, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effects, it’s the perfect companion as we cruise into fall. NordicNordic’s Chaga Tea, packed in simple teabags, is without a doubt the easiest way to get your daily dose. This Scandi version marries Finnish Chaga with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla for a warming, delicious tea.

Lake & Sky 11 11 Oceanic and crisp, this gorgeous fragrance is inspired by the color white and by the teachings of Kundalini. And for all of its awakening energies, it is deeply luxurious and perfectly polished for fall. During this season of grounding I welcome its heady, ethereal charge. We ground down, after all, to fly high.

EiR Surf Mud Body Oil and Sunset Oil Surf Mud Body Oil delivers light sun protection in a base of hydrating and antioxidant-rich oils to fortify your skin’s natural sun defenses. And its companion, Sunset Oil, offers post-sun skin the nourishment it needs to radiate. Drink in the last rays of summer and enjoy the glow.

Living Libations Salt Pipe Inhaler With two little ones at home, I’m always looking for ways to stave off the back to school colds that seem to hit us all. A new discovery for me, the Salt Pipe Inhaler helps to flush out impurities and gives the respiratory system a clean sweep. Dry, simple to use and far less fearsome than the neti pot, the Salt Pipe can be used in conjunction with one of Living Libations’ blends of essential oils to target a specific task. I’m going for Deep Breathing to clear sinuses and sniffles and clarify the mind. Breathe freely and soar.

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