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 How did each of you begin practicing yoga?

Chloe: I was first introduced to yoga through my acting teacher while at NYU. She incorporated Sun Salutations into our warm-up. Soon after I began going to Jivamukti which was down the street from my theater school on Lafayette, and haven’t stopped since.

Krissy: I started practicing yoga consistently in college as a way to manage stress and cross train for my dance performances. I’ve always been interested in how the body moves, I started dance at a young age and have been doing something physical ever since.

How did you meet, and what was the driving force behind opening SKY TING?

We met while teaching together at another studio. We were also practicing together at our mentor, Nevine Michaan’s studio, Katonah Yoga. We started to really weave our lives together when we led our first retreat down to Nicaragua. On that trip we articulated our dreams and hopes for the practice and what we wanted to work on. SKY TING went from dream stage to reality a few months later when we found our space. The universe really handed it to us, so we trusted it was the right time!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Each day is slightly different in schedule but similar in content. We each have morning rituals, starting pretty early because we teach early! We make time to do more of the business side of things throughout our teaching schedules. We take classes at SKY TING or Katonah Yoga, and try and schedule in times to connect with friends or go out. It’s important for us to work hard, but also have fun!

Besides yoga, do you have any rituals or practices you do to stay healthy and balanced?

We love tinctures and tonics. We’re big fan of Sun Potion! We both drink hot lemon water in the mornings and try to consistently oil pull. Simple rituals like making the bed every morning, and taking time to restore every night- be it with a bath, a restorative pose, a glass of wine. We love going to Great Jones spa for the pools when we need to detox, or treating ourselves to a facial at CAP!

What do you think are the most valuable benefits of doing yoga daily?

There are so many, but what we’re really starting to recognize now, especially with running a business, is how it gives you tools and techniques to handle life. It helps us deal with the ups and downs, keeping us present and grounded through it all.

What advice would you give to someone who is about to walk into their first yoga class?

Have fun! Initially it’s tough, there’s technique that you’ll learn over time, but it’s important to not focus on the result. Put yourself in the middle of the room so you can see everyone around you (don’t be afraid to watch others and copy!), and don’t wear socks!

If I only have 15 minutes, which 4 or 5 poses would you recommend?

5 minutes of Cat Cows and stirring around the hips and wrists, Down Dog for a few breaths, Pigeon Pose, Rounded Plough.

What are your favorite places to go/eat in NYC?

Chloe: For food I love Dimes, Kikis, Raoul’s and Via Carota. Places to go: Parks and Beaches. I’m always in need of nature and the ocean.

Krissy: I love Dimes, Souen, Cherche Midi, Cafe Henrie. For places to go, I love the Met, SKY TING, my boyfriend’s studio, Great Jones pools, CAP Beauty!!

You guys are friends as well as business partners, how do you manage working together and maintaining a healthy friendship?

We compliment each other in a lot of ways, so it’s a good partnership of checks and balances. We know that we sometimes need personal space and time so we respect that, and we also make time where we don’t do anything SKY TING related and just enjoy each others company. We also check in regularly about our dreams for next steps of the studio.

What can we look forward to next from SKY TING?

We have a new space opening up in Tribeca in the fall where we will have a slew of class offerings as well as our first 200 hr training program!

Who and/or what inspires you? Do you have mentors or people you really admire?

Our mentor is Nevine Michaan who is really the inspiration for our studio, our teachings and the trainings we’re developing. We also love finding beauty all around us. In nature, in design, in writing, in imagery. We’ve received so much support from our community which is super inspiring, to see how the material translates and helps people.

At CAP we are all about beauty from within. Do you guys have any superfoods can’t live without? 

We eat avocado everyday. We love local honey with the comb. Coconut butter/oil. Sun Potion’s Reishi Mushroom. A lot of our diet is superfoods, we eat foods that make us feel clean and energized, well sourced vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and fish.

What does beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty mean to you?

When you feel good, you emanate beauty from within. You’re kinder to others, you’re more likely to take better care of yourself, and you’ll have a glow that cannot be achieved with products.

What are your top five picks from CAP?

Anything Sun Potion (Tocos, Reishi, He Shou Wu, Mucuna Pruriens)

de Mamiel Botaniques Restorative Cleansing Balm

CAP Coconut Butter

CAPtivator Spray and Oil

Wedderspoon Honey

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