Cha Iracema


Afternoon tea is a ritual at CAP Beauty HQ and when we discovered the Brazil-born, Paris-based, Chá Iracema, it immediately stole our hearts. The only thing we love more than an ingestible nutritional powerhouse is one that looks as beautiful as this. Give it as the ideal hostess gift, or keep it for your New Year’s wellness arsenal.


Known as the “Green Gold” of Brazil this drink of the Gods is an ancient delicacy updated and brought to us by way of Jeanne Garaude, gemologist-cum-tea specialist. Inspired by Brazil’s most revered heroine, Iracema, for her elegance and beauty Jeanne set out to instill and infuse that graceful energy across the globe through the sharing of maté.

Selectively chosen from the depths of Brazil’s southern rainforest the native wild plant is ensured organic and fairtrade to maintain the utmost of its energetic qualities. Boasting an impressive nutritional profile fueled by Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, an abundance of minerals and antioxidants, each sip invigorates the mind-body experience. A natural stimulant, maté provides an instant pick me up, a boost of concentration and when enjoyed in the morning, a  powerful spark to greet the day.

With immense attention to detail in harmony with a neo-traditional approach, the highest quality of maté is housed in a hand-crafted Art Deco vessel from the heart of France’s Bresle Valley. Each beautifully designed bottle is unique and a vision placed atop shelves.

A pleasure served hot or cold these dual flavor profiles, Green and Toasted Maté, elevate daily refreshment to the finest tier.

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