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Hailing from the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain, Urban Moonshine delivers the best in organic herbal medicine. Formulated for accessibility, affordability and effectiveness this line of organic digestive bitters and herbal tonics will have you rethinking your medicine cabinet. And because of that, bitters can be the first stop in elevating your wellbeing. A classic herbal tonic with vast benefits, bitters work in miraculous ways. Here we talk shop with Urban Moonshine founder, Jovial King, to shine a light on this ancient modern panacea. 

What are the benefits of taking bitters regularly and when is the best time to take them?

The flavor of bitterness is crucial to a healthy digestive system. Bitters challenge our palate, turn on our digestive juices and help to optimize our overall digestive function. At Urban Moonshine we believe that the root of good health is great digestion. When you optimize digestion, you support all other areas of the body’s functioning. Taking bitters on a daily basis is a small act that has a big impact. By optimizing your digestion with bitters you improve the breakdown and absorption of food, giving you less digestive drama - gas, bloating, heartburn and indigestion while supporting your nutritional intake and balancing your appetite. The health of your digestive system and your skin are intrinsically linked, so adding bitters to your beauty routine is an excellent way to support beauty from the inside out. 

The best time to take bitters is 10 -15 minutes before a meal or after a meal if you’re feeling full or you’re not digesting well. But, I like to say that the best time to take bitters is when you remember to do so! They really can be taken anytime not just around meals. The most important thing is incorporating the flavor of bitterness back into our diets.

Do you notice the effects right away?

If you have an upset stomach and you use our Urban Moonshine bitters, you may feel relief quickly. If you use bitters on a regular basis you should also see long term benefits: a better regulated appetite, improved digestion and a greater appreciation for the bitter flavor that is found in many whole foods, it's the taste of the wild and every time you taste bitter you’re rewilding your palate a little more.

We’ve heard that it’s important to really taste your bitters and not wash them down right away to mask the taste. Can you elaborate? 

Yes, tasting bitters is a significant part of the medicinal effect. You want to spray or drop the Urban Moonshine bitters right on your tong when taking them. When you taste the bitter flavor, it challenges your body and turns on your digestive juices as a response. When we are challenged we become engaged, we respond and our body does that with increased digestive juice production and saliva. It's the best way to get the digestive party started.

How does the tongue connect with the digestive system?

Our tongues are brilliant and generally under-appreciated as a tool for gathering information about what we are consuming and letting the rest of the body get prepared for the incoming meal. There is nothing more human then nibbling on a leaf or fruit that you are unfamiliar with to try to get a sense of it. You can tell a lot about something from its taste. I often travel and find myself nibbling on new, unfamiliar plants trying to gain more information about them. It's a good way to connect with a new place, get some of the local phytochemistry in your system. But always taste with caution.

Please share one of your favorite recipes.

I like to keep it simple with our bitters:

1 teaspoon Urban Moonshine Original Digestive Bitters in a shot glass of sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon hits the spot every time.

What are your top five CAP Beauty favorites?

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