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Rachelle is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist and Founder of Supernatural, a company dedicated to plant-based real-world wellness. Rachelle combines natural medicine with practical habit-building to help people find balanced, lasting vitality. A student of Shamanism as well, Rachelle has studied the relationship between plants and people and guides us to seek health through a deep connection to nature, the Source of life. Here, she shares with us the birth and evolution of her brand, Supernatural.

Rachelle: Supernatural is the fruit of my life thus far, spent in incessant exploration of the human experience. As with most things in life, it was not the plan, though! As a kid on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up in the wild but determined to get far away from it. My dream was to work in fashion in New York City and by way of a lot of grit and nonattachment to anything but the vision, that’s where I ended up.

In parallel, I never quit pursuing plants. From seeking the answers to spiritual questions in the world’s religions, to an endless fascination with the effects of nature on our states of being, I studied endlessly, through apprenticing, solo travel, and experimentation with countless healing modalities.

Over time, that exploration crystallized into a personal practice and I realized that both the mystical and the practical lay in the same place: plants. Around the same time, colleagues started asking me to teach them what I knew. My entire business began because one last person told me that I should be sharing what I knew.

And so, I began answering that demand and Supernatural was born! From one single coaching session at a time it’s grown into a full practice with clients around the world, corporate wellness offerings, an herbal cafe, consulting for other companies in wellness, brand collaborations and my favorite piece: HRBLS! Supernatural’s herb-infused chews.

My favorite ways to use HRBLS are actually my clients’ and others’ favorites! Knowing that there’s a Doula who takes HRBLS to ground herself before births, and then also shares them with new moms is just so special to me. Parents and kids both love them. Nervous flyers, someone who’s down at work, or simply anyone finding anxiety relief for the first time feels so much more important than how I might personally use them. I will say that one way to really layer on the chill is to brew a cup of the Supernatural Nerve Less tea and then have an HRBLS on the side. That makes for such a feel-good moment.


Chew on this: an herbal remedy in gummy form to soothe the system. Lavender offers a state of tranquility via the amygdala, regulating emotions and memory. Skullcap Leaf eases nervous system. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic root that may lower cortisol levels and provide a better response to chronic stress. Oat Straw is an herbal nervine that is mineral rich, helping to restore and nourish. Shelf stable and highly portable.


Red Raspberry Leaf is high in magnesium, potassium, iron & B vitamins. Red Clover Flowers help to balance estrogen. Nettle is full of chlorophyll, mineral rich, and a natural antihistamine. 


Lavender Florets offer a state of tranquility. Skullcap Leaf eases nervous system. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic root that may lower cortisol levels and provide a better response to chronic stress. Oat Straw is an herbal nervine high in bioavailable B vitamins. Drink this tea like an emotional salve.


Lemon Balm soothes and tones the nervous system. Golden Saffron enhances circulation & stimulates sex drive. Citrusy Grapefruit Peel and St. John's Wort* brighten and lift the mood. Drink in the sunshine.


Passionflower is slightly hypnotic, easing tension and beckoning sleep. Warming Chamomile calms the nervous system and soothes digestion. Rose is lightly sedative and heart balancing.


Remote appointments available! 

In these sessions, Rachelle will help you clarify and achieve your wellness goals. Whether it’s understanding nutrition, learning which herbal remedies are right for you, making or breaking habits, overcoming specific health challenges or creating an inspiring, deeply healthful daily routine that allows you to thrive, consider Rachelle your guide. Sessions can be general or specific; you can work on plant based wellness overall, or target a particular health goal (be it digestive issues, stress and anxiety, weight loss, or otherwise). Wellness Sessions include an initial 60 minute meeting to review your complete health, and set goals together. Follow up sessions are 30 minutes and recommended weekly.

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