CAP Insider: Avva


Our resident aesthete, Avva Babaeen keeps us all looking good. The LA native shares her talents in our Fred Segal store, gracefully guiding customers to their perfect product and working her magic to effortlessly style our shelves. And when she isn't in the store, she pens much of our copy. You might say beauty is in her blood. Her father owns the most fetching flower shop in town and her mom practices Kundalini in true CAP Beauty form. Given Avva's deep devotion to aesthetics, we had to know what's she's loving now. Here's her summer pick.

I’ve always loved trying new products, but the one area of beauty where I am truly on the hunt is haircare. My wild, thick curls can dry out or succumb to buildup at the drop of a hat and I am always looking for natural products to cleanse and tame them without stripping my natural oils. Enter the Rahua Hair Detox and Renewal Treatment Kit. This kit combines a creamy base and healing rainforest oil into the perfect treatment for when your hair needs a serious cleanse. Packed with the healthy, nourishing fats of rahua, sacha inchi and buriti oils and the healing scent of palo santo, this treatment detoxifies in the most potent and pampering way. I just mix and apply before shampooing whenever I’m in need of a deep clean. Rahua’s detox rids the scalp and hair of environmental and product buildup and creates a base for a healthy hair routine. Thanks to Rahua’s rainforest supporting manufacturing, I can indulge in the magic of rainforest plants knowing that their products are consciously sourced and crafted. Whenever my hair has had enough I reach for this product to clarify, nourish and revive for softer, stronger, and healthier hair.

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