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Bicoastal hairstylist Stefani Padilla awakened to the power of plant medicine and had a vision. She would harness the wisdom of plants, in particular the shapeshifting ayahuasca, to create healthier, more lustrous hair.  And so La Tierra Sagrada came to be. With heady scents such as vetiver, palo santo, and bergamot, her mystical hair and scalp elixirs invite ritual and call spirit into the daily care and feeding of our locks. Feed your senses and feed your head.

You’ve been a hairstylist for many years. Can you tell us about the journey that led you to creating your own product line?

I have been a hairstylist for over 15 years, steadily transforming hair for clients in New York and Los Angeles. During my time in New York, I battled a series of autoimmune disorders, culminating in a debilitating episode of chronic rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 28. I followed a strictly holistic approach to medicine, but the pain and debilitation were such that my doctor prescribed a number of heavy medications just to help me be able to walk around again. These medications wreaked havoc on my immune system and caused intense side effects, including hair loss, which proved especially challenging given my line of work. La Tierra Sagrada was born during my long and winding journey back to good health!

We love the way your products connect two loves in your life, hair and healing. How did this come to be?

Ten years ago, it was impossible to find luxury, salon quality natural haircare and there wasn’t much emphasis on the definition of “self-care”.

While I was in New York, I worked as a hairstylist in the “physical realm.” In my spiritual life, however, I was working closely and diligently with South American plant teachers. I had embarked on what became a seven year spiritual journey exploring the extraordinary healing power of plants, working closely with herbalists of the north and curanderos (shamanic healers) of the south. The plants taught me nature’s wisdom, my own health crises showed me how to be compassionate and effective in dealing with stress and hair loss, and my daily work as a stylist brought me into contact with countless heads of diverse and beautiful hair. La Tierra Sagrada, ‘The Sacred Earth’ was born. During a ceremony led by plant teachers, I came to the realization that my purpose was to create La Tierra Sagrada hair care as a way to heal myself and share the healing with anyone else who has suffered from hair loss due to disease, medication or stress.

Have you always had an interest in plant medicine? How did you find your way to a path of healing?

Community consciousness, ritual and sharing experience and wisdom with others all play a central role in my life. They have as far as I can remember. I came to discover plants at a point in my life when I really needed guidance and support in my healing journey. Like I said, I worked closely with ayahuasca for 7 years. After closing my learning journey with this beautiful plant in the Amazon, I knew that in honor of the wisdom I had received, I wanted to share the plant in a different way. I dedicated my life to sharing the medicine in the form of Hair Medicine. I became a passionate believer in the healing power of plant medicine and the transformative effect of ritual and ceremony. Life gets incredibly busy, and as anyone who has experienced debilitating health issues can tell you, I am always learning how important self care really is.

I created the line not only as a means to heal myself, but to support anyone else looking to restore and enrich their hair’s health and wellbeing through the guiding force of the sacred earth.

You’ve mentioned that you’ve been involved in various plant medicine ceremonies. Can you describe one of your most impactful experiences?

Plant medicine has always been a clear guide for me, so it makes perfect sense that it was during a ceremony using plant medicine that La Tierra Sagrada was conceived. One of my most cherished memories goes back to a ceremony in the Amazon jungle, surrounded by Blue Morpho and Giant Owl butterflies. At the time, I knew I had reached a point where I needed to come back to LA, bottle hair product and finally begin to share it. No more hiding, no more harboring this wisdom. It was a very clear moment in time and I realized I needed to step into my power to share the wisdom, protection and healing benefits of these plants with the world. It was and remains the biggest honor and blessing I have ever received.

Do you have any daily rituals?

I no longer participate in plant medicine ceremonies, my daily rituals tend to involve more subtle plants now.  Still, “subtle” plants, like high quality teas, or deep herbs like rosemary and lavender, fully blow my mind on a daily basis. I love to indulge in the beauty of a tea journey; it often is my treasured connection to nature amid a crazy work day.

What makes La Tierra Sagrada different than other hair care products?

We all have the ability to heal ourselves by transforming our relationship with our hair. Our products differ from others as we strive to be the most luxurious, salon quality product in the natural beauty world. At the same time, our ingredients are plant medicine and we want to empower true transformation by co-creating a sacred experience of intentional contemplation for our community while they use the line. Each product serves a distinctive purpose while working toward one unified goal: to connect us with ourselves while enriching and restoring hair to its healthiest natural state using sacred plant medicines that have been available to us for centuries. With this goal in mind, I continue to educate through rituals, alongside the moon phases, monthly. You can check out my Ritual Series here.

Any suggestions as to how to best use your products?

La Tierra Sagrada products focus on the importance of creating intentional ritual around haircare. Essentially, this means taking time out from our busy schedules and the daily noise around us to create a dedicated space to care for both our hair and our wellbeing. With this in mind, every product in the line is designed with an intentional ‘Hairemony’— a ceremony for your hair and your Self.

What are you top 5 favorite CAP Beauty products and why?

LA TIERRA SAGRADA TREATMENT This is the product I teach my Hairemony with and it truly is the most transformative product for hair!

CAP BEAUTY THE COCONUT BUTTER I am a big believer in topical and internal oil. I love this Butter so much. I add it to all of my warm drinks. It’s creamy, nutrient rich and tastes delicious.

GOOP G. NITE BATH SOAK I love this soak. It is the quickest way for me to melt after a long day. It is the perfect full body relaxation and the tub is my favorite place to be- total win-win.

MOON JUICE SUPERYOU This product changed my life. I use adaptogens in the Dry Shampoo for their mega potency on hair health, but adding this product in to total body health and wellbeing has been the best at keeping me balanced throughout the day. Highly recommend.

RMS BEAUTY "UN" COVER-UP  I don’t wear much makeup, but when I do- RMS is my jam. I swear by this product, a beauty staple in my opinion. Big game changer in the natural makeup world.

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