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To mention Horst's name in our natural beauty circles is to trigger an outpouring of love, of admiration and of personal stories of mentorship, greatness and, above all, kindness. A true pioneer, Horst Rechelbacher was the founder of Aveda and later of Intelligent Nutrients, a modern brand of truly natural skincare that sits at the forefront of the naturals movement. In 2014 he sadly met an untimely death, leaving Intelligent Nutrients in the very capable hands of his wife, Kiran Stordalen, and daughter, Nicole Rechelbacher. The two women are now committed to keeping the brand as forward thinking as ever, honoring Horst's legacy, the spirit of radical thinking and his philosophy of mindful management. It's a family affair. 

From the creation of Aveda to Intelligent Nutrients, your family has been in the  world of “naturals” for a long time. Can you describe what you’ve noticed shift or change within the “wellness landscape”?

Nicole: Community has always been essential to the vitality of our industry. Even back in the “Aveda days” we experienced the enormous power of grassroots efforts to find our community and nurture it. The biggest shift we have seen is the power that modern mediums such as blogs and social media provide to traditional community building methods like speaking engagements, retreats and educational forums. We are really cutting through the noise and making prolific changes together. It is invigorating to feel the movement propel forward and have the voice of the wellness community amplified like never before.   


Through your years in this field, we’re sure you’ve seen a seismic shift in the public’s interest in natural products. What do you think is propelling this curiosity?

Kiran: The drive to seek and explore has been critical in the evolution of our species and that intrinsic desire to discover is alive and well. The surface has been peeled back and it is being exposed that there are holes in what the general public has known to be true about personal care product safety. As people are being informed they are rising up to challenge and demanding transparency in beauty. I think this process has really just begun and people will continue to discover the reality that the terms “clean, organic and natural” are not clearly defined. They need to ask brands and retailers “what does it mean to you?” and decide if it fits their expectations. We do our part to explain what these terms mean to us by using the most stringent 3rd party standards in the world such as USDA certified organic and Cosmos natural and organic ensuring we know the details of every ingredient used to make our products from how it is grown, harvested, processed, preserved and packaged. We don’t expect our community to just take our word for it.


How did your venture into the world of plant-based living begin?

Kiran: Both Nicole and I have been immersed in plant-based and sustainable living for many years. Being environmentally conscious starts with the choices we make on a daily basis. We know can all make a positive impact by living thoughtfully, teaming up with others and turning to sustainable plants to live more ecologically. This is a better way of living and is truly embedded in our own lifestyles. We launched both Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients by being positive disrupters, asking questions and improving what we do every day. We only have one Planet Earth and we all have to be connected to take care of it!


How has working as a family impacted your business?

Nicole: We really do not know any other way. Intelligent Nutrients and Aveda were always family oriented. The mission of IN is in our DNA and permanently ingrained in us. This makes it very natural for Kiran and I to do this work together, sharing the common goal and living the ethos. Because we are a family owned business our business operates like family. We see this trickle down and evident by the commitment of our team and how they collaborate and create together. It is really special.  


How do you find balance within the day to day, while running a growing business? Any personal best practices you’d like to share?

Nicole: You have to prioritize and make a conscious effort to find the time to do things that keep you balanced and feed your passions. Do not ever feel guilty for carving out your moments to take the time you need for you whether it be your skincare routine, meditation, exercise or just a chill out moment with friends or your partner.


What does your daily skincare routine look like?

Nicole: I am a firm believer in what is going on inside your body will reveal on your face so my skincare routine starts with a smoothie and a good workout first thing in the morning. Right now I am really loving LEK FIT, a super fun rebounding and resistance based streaming service founded by Lauren Klaben. I love it because I can take my workout on the road so easily! After my workout I will shower and go into my potions and lotions, exfoliating first and then following the rule of thumb “thinnest to thickest” for my serums and treatment products.


Can you share a word of advice for those wanting to develop a business of their own?

Nicole: You have to find your guiding mission and let it fuel your actions and focus. Focus on solutions for your own challenges and find ways to do it that are sustainable and nurturing, then engage others with the same challenges.

Kiran: Truly, it is about communication and doing it in an empowering way. We are not alone on this planet, so multiple voices can inspire change and your own business!


What are your top 5 favorite CAP Beauty products and why?



BINU BINU SESHIN KOREAN SCRUB MITT  I love a good body exfoliation!

LIVON LABS Because I am totally a believer that balanced skin starts from within.


RMS BEAUTY LUMINIZER QUAD I don’t wear much makeup but when I do this is just the right added touch… 

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