CAP Family: Kelly Malico


Say hello to Kelly Malico. Ever had a question for the CAP team? Chances are, Kelly holds the key to your answer. Fostering connection, helping others and aiming to share naturals with as many as possible, Kelly's Customer Service and Wholesale roles couldn't be a better fit. On the weekends, you'll likely find her roaming New York City with a camera in one hand and a dog leash in the other. Read on for a snapshot into Kelly's world.

Tell us about your journey towards your positions with CAP. 

I have always been a wellness and beauty lover. My friend introduced me to the brand and it’s been love ever since!

What is your favorite part about your role? 

Being able to communicate with our amazing customers and partners on a daily basis.

Where would we most likely find you when you’re not at CAP? 

Taking walks or snuggling with Rocky (AKA the cutest puppy who has ever lived)

The skincare product you can’t live without. 

The Vive Sana Daily Protezione. A nourishing moisturizer and daily SPF, what more could a girl need?

Favorite CAP Grocery product and recipe. 

The Pink Mountain Salt and I’m having a lot of fun making Bonberi’s Babaganoush lately!

What’s your deepest passion outside of your workspace? (or maybe it is your work!) 

ART! I graduated from FIT with a BFA in Photography and Art History Minor

Do you have any rituals? 

Morning coffee, walks with the pup, and lighting my Sphinx and Priestess candle.

Favorite song Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

Favorite film Casablanca

Favorite way to workout Rumble!

Favorite meal Ratatouille (also an amazing movie)

Dream travel destination Hawaii

Guilty pleasure Watching Riverdale (and discussing each episode in the office)

What’s your proudest accomplishment? Moving to NYC

What are your top 5 CAP Beauty favorites?

KAHINA GIVING BEAUTY OIL CLEANSER Perfect for my sensitive skin and leaves it feeling clean and glowy.


THE CAP BEAUTY CAPTIVATOR ENERGY MIST  One spray immediately puts me in the best mood.

DR. SINGHA MUSTARD BATH  #1 go to when I’m starting to feel under the weather.

BEEKEEPER'S NATURALS PROPOLIS SPRAY  The best immunity support from our little bee friends, and it tastes amazing.

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