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Jules Miller and her team at The Nue Co are the reigning masters of whole food supplements. Their approach stems from the belief that the most beneficial nutrients are those our bodies recognize. We encouraged Jules to apply this same principle to feed our skin and Topical—C was born. The Nue Co's entry into skincare is a powdered supplement designed to be mixed into your favorite serum or cream or even just blended with water. Topical—C is proven to stimulate collagen production, tackle sun damage, brighten skin and reduce fine lines.

You are essentially vitamin royalty! Tell us a little about your lineage and how you came to create The Nue Co.

It was my own journey with IBS that brought me to launch The Nue Co. in the first place. I was struggling to find a solution and was taking everything and anything that I was told would help, but I had no relationship with the supplements I was taking, nor did I have a clue what was in them. My grandfather, a chemist who helped create the B12 vitamin supplement, suggested that I read the label and do some of my own research on supplements. This is when I realized how ill informed I was. Inspired by my grandfather, whose philosophy is that the body can get everything it needs through food, I set out to create supplements that are as close to their natural form as possible, harnessing ingredients that can provide the vitamins and nutrients our body needs to heal from the inside out.


The philosophy behind The Nue Co is to create supplements from whole foods instead of synthetics. Why is this so important?

The best way to give your body what it needs is through food. Synthetic and isolated vitamins go through vigorous processes, leaving us with an ingredient our body struggles to recognize, let alone draw benefit from. We remove all unnecessary preservatives, bulking agents and fillers, and replace the synthetic actives with powerful organic foods. The result is a supplement that your body recognizes and is easily digested and absorbed.


We’re so excited to help you launch your new Topical-C! Like your other products, it’s a powder that can be blended into other formulas or taken straight. How do you and your team at The Nue Co. most like to use it?

The majority of the team; myself included like to use Topical – C as part of their morning routine. I like to mix it into my serum before I apply sunscreen and put on makeup. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and extra bright, which is great when I’m feeling tired. You can really use Topical – C at any point in your routine. Just make sure to wear SPF if you’re going outside. It’s an important step that I make sure not to miss.


Why a topical and why vitamin C? What kinds of results can we expect?

Gut and skin health go hand in hand. Supplements are simply the addition of nutrients and minerals, regardless of whether they are delivered orally or topically. Whilst there is a lot we can achieve from looking after ourselves from the inside out, using products transdermally can often improve and enhance results. We recommend using Topical – C in addition to our ingestible supplement, Skin Food. They work really well together to support collagen production both internally and externally.


Is it for all skin types? And is it safe to use during the day or might it cause photo-sensitivity for some?

Yes, especially those with sensitive skin. We fortified Topical – C with colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera, to soothe skin and reduce redness. As for photosensitivity, the opposite actually! Vitamin C has been proven to protect the skin from UV rays and it’s photo-protective properties actually double when used alongside Ferulic Acid. However, we would not recommend using this product in place of an SPF. Think of it as an SPF booster.


So many of your internal products contain pre and/or probiotics. Is gut health essential to the absorption of vitamins? And is this also true of the skin’s biome?

Our gut is as unique as a fingerprint, and an imbalance of good vs. bad bacteria can have a huge impact on overall health. Put it like this: around 85 percent of the body’s serotonin is created in the gut. If something is imbalanced there, you will feel it throughout the body and see the effect on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in the body, so gut health has a huge impact on the appearance of your skin. You normally see the first signs of poor gut health in your skin. Taking a daily prebiotic and probiotic will promote good gut health and set you on the right path.


I know this is like picking a favorite child, but is there one product in your range that is nearest and dearest to your heart?

I don’t go a night without taking Sleep Drops. They have significantly improved my ability to stay asleep throughout the night and ease anxiety. I also swear by our Prebiotic + Probiotic. It’s a great introduction to supplements and something that everyone should start to incorporate into their routine for longterm gut health.


Where do you look to stay informed on matters of health, wellness and nutrition? Do you have any teachers? Any favorite podcasts, writers or blogs?

Traditionally I’ve always got my information from either my nutritionist, trusted friends or acupuncturist. There is a lot of information out there and I’m cautious with who I take advice from. Having said that, I keep my routine simple and intuitive, often relying on natural foods that add a spring to my step.


Your brand’s aesthetic is simply perfect, minimalist and gorgeous. Where do you look for design inspiration?

We’re inspired by a concept called concrete poems or visual poetry, where the typography conveys the meaning of the text. You’ll notice that the Topical – C design portrays how vitamin C is absorbed into the skin.


Walk us through a day in the life of Jules Miller. Do you have any rituals, any non-negotiables that you must make time for?

Running a growing business can be demanding. Doing the thinking, the doing and the motivating can leave you feeling drained at the end of a working day. To keep myself balanced I stay away from processed foods and refined sugar during the week. It sounds simple, but sugar is an energy zapper and something I completely try to avoid.

Developing simple boundaries for yourself such as no emails in bed and no phone first thing in the morning can really help. Above all else, I prioritize my sleep. Every night I turn off all my screens 1 hour before bed and spray our Magnesium Ease lavender supplement on my chest and back. I then take 12 Sleep Drops under my tongue and roll Tata Harper’s Aromatic Stress Treatment on my pressure points.

I don’t think looking after yourself has to be difficult or challenging. Generally, your body will tell you what it needs, you just need to listen to it. In the past my body has told me to avoid certain foods and focus on nutrition, but healthy eating has now become intuitive to me. It’s now telling me to slow down and rest, and I’m trying my best to do so.


What’s next for The Nue Co?

We want to achieve a lot in the next few months and have been focused on building a team that can see us into this next phase. That’s all a successful company really is, a group of people working together. I’m planning on doing my best to build a happy and healthy team who can take on the challenge of defining the category completely. Stay tuned!

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