Behind Closed Doors: The Nightstand


Mel Nahas is the visionary mind behind Conscious City Guide, a ticketing service for the new age. Mel has completely revolutionized CAP’s programing and RSVP system, singlehandedly saving our inboxes, and for that, we’re forever grateful! With her background in music and production, the Australian native is both a tastemaker and an expert in streamlining. And so we were excited to take a look at Mel’s nightstand and perfectly curated, ultra conscious bedside book collection. Here she is on what she keeps close to the heart.

Sometimes I wake up tired. This is because I do a lot of work in the dream realm as well as IRL and you may be able to tell I’m into that stuff by some of the books on my nightstand.

My bed is my sanctuary AND sleep/dream workspace and I love nothing more than curling up in some clean linen sheets. A lot of the books by my side are references around symbolism, self analysis and different types of energy and frequency studies, all things that interrelate and help me in the dream state. There’s always a rich tube of moisturizer, a rose essential oil and an open tin of book darts near by.

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