Summer Sanders love for food and plant wisdom runs deep. She's the founder of a high vibrational superfood cafe and cold-pressed juice bar, Local Juicery, located amongst the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Summer has studied the relationship between whole foods and health through various angles within her roles as a Certified Raw Food Chef, Holistic Health Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist and personal trainer. Her blog, Strong + Radiant, showcases her expertise and offer viewers a variety of plant based recipes, inspiring reads from those in her community and plenty of health and fitness support.

What is your food philosophy?

Food is energy, it’s information and it holds unique vibrations and I truly believe that where we are emotionally while preparing food has so much to do with how it’s enjoyed and assimilated into the body, we can infuse our food with love and good healing energy. I believe it’s important to really develop a relationship with your food, taking time to prepare it, paying attention to the unique properties of the produce, knowing when it’s ready to be consumed, or when it needs another day in the sun… I think knowing our food on this level can really be a wonderful benefit to our health and keep us really engaged in what and when we’re eating.

I think Mother Nature did it right, there is no need to majorly intervene with her masterpieces. I love lots of raw plant based foods, a ton of veggies and herbs, broths, veggie soups, greens as often as possible, and non sweet or very lightly sweet cold-pressed green juices. I use collagen protein, pasture raised local eggs and grass fed butter, but rarely eat animal products other than these. I always buy organic, and as local as possible. I love to indulge in pleasure foods here and there so I loosely follow the 80/20 rule. I don’t bulk shop for produce, I like to buy what I need the day I’m using it… I actually really enjoy the market and grocery store experience. I try to soak any grains or seeds we eat.

I also deeply feel that when offered a meal from a gracious host it’s important to show gratitude even if the foods served maybe are not in your normal routine. It’s important in my life to not become so restrictive or dogmatic that I can’t enjoy a meal that’s served to me in the home of a friend or host. I experienced this in Mexico in 2013, I was a raw foodist and very into my ways, we went to a small village with our friend who was hosting us and a dear family friend of his served us a home cooked meal in their very humble home, I could sense they had given us the best of what they had and they didn’t have much. I had to get over myself and my “diet”. I’m so glad I did because the deep love and connectedness that I felt at the meal left a lasting impression.

What are your thoughts on how food relates to beauty?

I’ve watched my body and skin become younger over the years largely due to diet changes. Food is so powerful when it comes to both physical and internal beauty. You literally become what you eat. I notice a definite difference in my skin tone and vibrance if I go out and eat chips and salsa or eat foods that are typically out of my routine. This doesn’t keep me away from things I love, I just really try to make healthy alternatives or save it for really special times! Beauty and food go hand in hand, we have the power to create a glowing body and life and a good portion of that can be supported by what we consume. When it comes to our emotions I feel that when we feed ourselves with high vibrational organic foods we can’t help but to vibrate on a higher level… I always say that when we cleanse our bodies, we cleanse our minds!

What do you always keep in your fridge?

This really changes seasonally and is based on what’s available at the farmers market, but I always have greens, juice from Local Juicery, kombucha, my superfoods (Shaman Shack Morning Jing is my current favorite, blended with CAP Coconut Butter is pure perfection), probiotics, ferments, good butter, local pasture raised eggs when available, chocolate, fruits for my son. Lots of berries get consumed in our home! I usually have hemp seeds and some kind of freshly made nut milk.

Please give us a breakdown of each shelf.


The berries are a staple, we all eat a ton. CAP Beauty Coconut Butter, I mix it in my morning tonics or just eat it out of the jar for a quick snack. Beekeeper’s Naturals Bee Pollen from Canada, it’s one of my favorite superfoods. Shaman Shack Morning Jing is my daily go to for energy and anti-aging. Kombucha, I love a little kombucha in the afternoon.


Hemp seeds and pine nuts for salad toppings, Sacred Greens (a fennel based juice) and a Ginger Shot from Local Juicery, I drink usually two 16oz cold pressed green juices a day. Coconut Cult yogurt, homemade pickled radishes, Sakara Life Chai Latte (love ordering Sakara when I’m needing a cooking break), Bioray Loving Energy and Liver Love tinctures, ginger for ginger tea in the morning!


HU and LuLu’s chocolates, mint for my salads, corn and almond flour tortillas because my son loves them with scrambled eggs and greens, raw cheese for the occasional indulgence, Sakara Detox Tea and Miyoko’s vegan Cheese that I put on our homemade pizzas.


I have beet soup from a dear friend, Sakara Detox Water, grapes, some vitamins and probiotics for my kiddo. The very bottom shelf is dedicated to fruits and veggies. I try to keep us stocked on lots of green leafy veggies and yummy carrots for snacking.


I always have a lot of grains, superfoods and nuts and seeds ready to soak and turn into soups or breakfast. There’s chia, mung beans, sunflower seeds, lentil noodles, sesame seeds, roses for tea and adzuki beans! Also my barley grass, garlic, squash and fruit peeking out from behind.


This is my tonic making station, I have lots of Shaman Shack herbs I love the Jing as I mentioned, also the 4 Immortals and High Altitude, more CAP Beauty Coconut Butter and pink salt, raw cacao, Moon Juice Protein, Pearl Powder and Schisandra, I also have iodine that I add to water for the family.

Please share a favorite recipe.

Right now it’s my simple morning tonic, I’m 6 months pregnant and it’s been so helpful to nourish in this way every morning.

12 oz hot water

1 huge scoop Shaman Shack Super Morning Jing

2 teaspoons raw cacao powder

1 heaping spoon full CAP Beauty Coconut Butter

2 teaspoons lakanto or raw honey

1 teaspoon roasted maca (optional)

Pinch of salt

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