Behind Closed Doors: Sophie Jaffe


Yoga teacher, high vibrational chef and LA mama, Sophie Jaffe is on a mission to bring ease and light to our pursuit of healthy eating. Her protein blends and superfood studded honeys are a CAP Beauty favorite and from the looks of her Instagram feed, she’s teeming with energy, life force and love. The Thinking CAP takes a peek at the foods that fuel her.

Keeping my fridge stocked with healthy options for myself and my family is super important! Here is a peek inside what I’m stocked with lately:

Kimchi for an addition to salads the size of my head, pasture-raised eggs, fresh juice, fresh veggies and hummus for snacking.

I also always have these items on hand too:

Brown rice or quinoa, cauliflower rice from Trader Joe’s, zucchini for zoodles, homemade bone broth, sweet potatoes and tahini. The key for me to consistently eat clean is having great quality food I can grab while I’m on the go!

I’m seriously all about balance so I can never have enough raw, dark chocolate, nut butters of any kind, Bamba (Israeli peanut snack) and vegan and gluten free ice cream.

Here is a nourishing recipe for busy mama’s on the go. It’s also great for leftovers and for feeding your whole family!


Veggie Curry:

Full fat coconut milk, whatever root veggies are in the fridge, garlic, turmeric powder, curry powder, salt, pepper and boom! Let simmer, add brown rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice, and you have a delicious, wholesome dinner!

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