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Behind Closed Doors: Sam Guelimi


We first introduced Sam, one of the most committed members of our wellness cult, with a look into her universe. Now, we’re taking a look into her fridge. Read on for the food philosophy of the Ici Selfcare and Glowing Cafe Paris founder.


“Everything nourishes me: the books I read, the music I listen to, the laughs I share. And I feed my body the best ingredients possible which of course includes vegetables, fruits and good supplements. I like to play with my tonic herbs. This invites joy into each step in my life. Especially my kitchen.   

And I love that my products contain an energy For example, on the back of my Sun Potion pots there is an intention from the founder. And the same with my Zenbunni chocolate. This beautiful family’s energy is nourishing me as much as the raw cacao! 

I’m grateful to God and the ones who grew the vegetables and those who I get to share my meals with.

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