Behind Closed Doors: Nitsa Citrine


For more on Nitsa, the Creative Director of Sun Potion and Co-Founder of Women with Superpowers, head here.

My refrigerated food philosophy: organic, whole foods, mostly plants, plenty of ferments, cold pressed juice and as much fresh, locally sourced produce as possible. Essentials include: Coconut Cult mango coconut cream yogurt, raw coconut kefir, a myriad of Erewhon Market juices and salad bar creations, rose water, unpasteurized adzuki bean miso, homemade nut and seed milks, Honeymama lavender rose chocolate, GT Dave’s trilogy kombucha as a base for tonic elixirs (see recipe below), persian cucumbers, romaine hearts and sunflower sprouts.

NOT PICTURED BUT ALSO FREQUENTLY PRESENT IN FRIDGE: Organic Sauerkraut + Kimchi Lotus Root (my addiction) Chaga Cold Brew Raspberries + blueberries (summer luxury!) Local Pacifica bee pollen A bottle of biodynamic Rosé Organic Nigori Sake

Freezer: Various superfood infused chocolate experiments. Currently my spontaneous attempt at a truffle with a yin power infused cashew ganache filling! Coconut Ice cream Frozen fruits and berries


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