Behind Closed Doors: Meredith Baird


Admittedly, I live about one block away from Whole Foods, Moon Juice, Cafe Gratitude, Gjusta ­and every other place to eat your heart out in Venice, CA.


The healthy convenience doesn’t make it easy to have a perfectly stocked refrigerator all the time, but of course I love to cook and feeding myself and my family is incredibly satisfying.

Even without the convenience I’ve always been a daily food shopper­ because I work from home, and so much of what I do revolves around food­. If I’m making a recipe for a client, or contributing to Poppy + Seed ­ I always have something going on the side that is a bit experimental. Earlier this week my refrigerator had about 4 pounds of roasted baby carrots, 1/2 gallon of pea hummus and a whole load of coconuts in it. It was truly stuffed to the brim.

That being said, there are things I always have on hand.

Fresh supplies always include­ nori, avocado, lemons, Fuji apples, some type of green and Kraut. Aside from that it’s a constant flux. The dry items­ are always raw pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes (for making milk), black rice and an assortment of other nuts and dried fruits. And mustard, miso, tahini and cider vinegar. Currently I’m freshly stocked from the Venice Farmers Market: kale, parsnips, sprouts and a bunch of herbs and mint.

I have a new order that I placed with Udderly LA,­ an underground market that supplies ferments, raw dairy, and an amazing variety of quality, unpasteurized, pastured foods. I have fresh raw colostrum (to make ice cream), fermented hot sauce, goat yogurt, fresh kraut and fresh duck eggs. Pregnancy has me really loving yogurt and fermented dairy. Although, I usually don’t eat a lot of dairy ­I’m going with it right now. It feels super soothing. I’ve never really eaten colostrum, but am having a little experiment with it this week.

There’s wine that I’m not drinking right now. And Kombucha in place of it.

Cured olives. Some fresh raw goat cheese, my favorite new raw vegan cheese from Miyoko’s Creamery (addicted) and Bee Mana, Ghee Eye Cream (top left) and my product which I keep refrigerated­ Nucifera (which I refrigerate to extend shelf life)

Some magnesium popping out from the door.

I know that one would maybe expect to find a lot of coconut in my fridge, but recently a lot of the coconut I eat ends up being in the form of coconut oil.

I feel really blessed that my work and eating healthy is all tied together. It definitely makes it easier! I’ve been vegetarian for years, and keep a vegetarian house ­but my food philosophy has evolved to being more open to things as long as they are good quality.

Most days you could look in there and think there is nothing to eat ­but I can make dinner for two out of it.

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