Behind Closed Doors: Meredith Baird

Our friend, Meredith Baird, has served as an inspiration to us since our doors opened. This plant based chef has penned some of our favorite cookbooks, and today is giving us a glimpse into her simple, yet effective beauty philosophy. Not surprisingly it involves her line, Nucifera, coupled with food, elimination and a daily dose of joy. Read on to discover what she relies on to feel her best.

What is your skincare philosophy? 

Keep it simple but effective. I do actually enjoy the skincare routine process and believe that it is a nice part of taking care of yourself. My mom and grandmother were always big on taking care of your skin, and I didn't think much of it until recently realizing that influence. 

Of course ultimately I believe that skincare starts from within, and that skin issues are usually (although not always) a sign of something going on internally. 


How do you start your day? 

Hydrate. Caffeinate. Eliminate. Lol. People are always shocked when I say this, but it's really important. Skip the caffeine if you wish, but hydration and elimination... vital!

My new year resolution is to wake up earlier, and do the splits to the ground. ;-)  I know sleep is important, but unlike many- I'm not short on it! All is to say I really like to start my day with lemon water, an americano, and some form of exercise or stretching. Right now it's usually a 3-4 mile walk around my hood listening to podcasts or something inspiring. On days we take off as a family, we go hiking or down to the beach. That's been a nice perk of quarantine life. 

I've also been doing Eddie Sterns 365 days of yoga App. It's super short stretches and breathing exercises that I do at random times of the day to check in. 


What is your skincare routine? 

In the morning I splash cold water on my face, and give myself a full body rub down with either The Oil or The Balm. It invigorates my skin, and helps me get going. I typically don't shower until 10:30 or so. Recently I've been getting fully dressed and doing light makeup- like I'm going somewhere. It really helps me focus and feel more energized. But really it's just splashing some cold water on my face, and moisturizing with my products. 

 Evening is a little more extensive. I often take a long bath before I make dinner. This is definitely a work from home perk, and feels a bit indulgent. It's the one time I'll put my daughter on a device (she'll do a "yoga" class) and I take a bath while my husband is still working. In the bath I'll do a mask of some sort or a few rounds with a Nuface. I shave with The Oil or The Balm in the tub, and it makes your skin so soft- you barely need to apply moisturizer when you get out. Once I get out, I'll tone with our Mist or an acid toner (I like Ole Henrikson dark spot toner), apply a Vitamin C serum (currently experimenting with several),  and I've been using retinol in combination with the Balm as a night cream. My mom is actually the person who inspired me to use retinol with The Balm and it's great. This my 2021 more advanced regimen. 


Do you have a favorite ritual?

Morning coffee. Evening bath. Those are my two favorite things. I usually read in the bath and pretty much never want to get out. 


What is your go-to when your skin is feeling less than stellar?

More water. More Balm. More Vitamin C. Or a trip to the ocean. Touching your toes is also a great way to bring life back to your face! 


How do you handle an eczema flare up?

My eczema is purely conditional on what I'm eating and the weather. The thing about eczema I have found is being consistent with moisturizing, and avoiding certain foods, like gluten. If you have a good foundation then you can go off course here and there. So many people want to treat eczema and psoriasis topically and of course you can, but I believe it's much more of an internal thing. 

For dry scalp, which I've suffered from. People think that you need to wash your hair less if you're suffering from dry scalp, it's actually the opposite! Dry scalp is often an overproduction of oil, and/or extra fast cell turnover. You've got to wash regularly with a gentle shampoo. This helps A LOT. 



What tips do you have for moisturizing extremely dry skin? Do you have a favorite technique? 

Applying moisturizer when you are damp is the absolute best way to make it work. Taking hydrating baths is also very good for your skin. When you soak with oil in water, there is nothing more hydrating. 

How do you end your day?

Making dinner is usually part of my winding down process, but cooking burn out is setting in as of late! As I mentioned, I take baths. I take one, and then my husband takes one, and my daughter gets in there somewhere in between. If I'm feeling wine I'll have that but have been imbibing less so far this year. I'd say we don't do electronics in the bedroom, but that isn't totally true, because my husband and I really do enjoy that time together to watch a movie or something. It's relaxing!


What are your top 5 products from CAP?

Hard time picking just 5! 

RMS UnCover-Up + Luminizer. Both have been long time staples of mine. 

Josh Rosebrook Tinted Day Cream SPF. Another long time favorite. 

All things Dark Horse. I'm especially obsessed with the Umami Ketchup

CAPtivator Love Bath. I love the scent so much! 

All CAP pantry goods. The O'Clocks, Matcha, and The Coconut Butter are all such high quality! 

Sigil fragrances have also become a staple. 

Elizabeth Few Silk Sleep Mask. There is something about an eye mask! 



The ultimate skin softening DIY treatment with my products is making a body scrub out of The Balm or The Oil (or both!) Coconut sugar makes the absolutely best scrub, because its soft it starts to break down in just the right way. Sugar is also really hydrating for the skin. Salt tends to be too harsh for most skin types. 

Take 1-2 tablespoons (Balm or Oil/ both) + 1 tablespoon coconut sugar. Mix and scrub up. It honestly feels so good, I'm going to go do it now! 

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