Lola loves beauty and skincare and has a whole lot of opinions about it all. On her blog, Hermes Hippie, she shares her passion for clean, natural, good-for-you skincare and makeup. It's safe to say Lola knows her stuff. The product range that lines her bathroom shelves (and drawers!) is quite extensive - her friends affectionately refer to her space as a “Beauty Closet” since there’s pretty much no way her cabinets could contain even a fraction of her skincare. And since she's tried it all, we were thrilled when she invited us to discover her personal picks.

What is your skincare philosophy?  

I believe the most important thing is listening to our skin. There is no such thing as a one size fits all in skincare. Even if you have an established routine that works, it may need to be tweaked based on the weather, hormonal changes and travel (did you know that water hardness in different cities can affect your skincare’s performance?). Just because everyone is raving about a product, doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you. The key is to check ingredients and know what works for your unique skin. I’m also a huge proponent of cleansing. However great your skincare, it won’t do you much good if you go to bed without removing makeup and SPF.

Which of these products are a part of your daily routine?

It’s virtually impossible for me to be consistent because I constantly have to try new products. That said, there are certain constants. I always use a gentle cleanser in the am and a balm or oil in the evening for a thorough cleanse. I can’t live without a hydrating toner/mist - some of my favorites are de Mamiel’s Dewy Mist, Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator and Agent Nateur’s Holi(water). I follow up with whatever serum my skin might need at the moment and always finish with an active packed oil.

What product do you use when your feeling ultra luxe?

As a working mom, for me the biggest luxury is time. This means that my ultimate product indulgence is using something pampering that requires a little extra effort, whether it’s using In Fiore’s ultra-indulgent 4-2-4 cleansing method, applying May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud as a mask and lolling around for a bit before my shower or taking a long bath with one of Goop’s clever soaks.

Any unusual or unassuming products in your line up or in your routine?

I love mixing up my own treatments. I recently discovered Buly’s line of single ingredient products and became obsessed with making hand masks to help my eczema, using diatomaceous earth and dragon blood extract. I also love Epsom salts and never have a bath without them - they are amazing for soothing sore muscles and helping me relax. Oh, and honey! I always use raw manuka honey for mixing masks, applying to dry lips or even straight on my skin when it feels compromised.

What’s the one product you just can’t live without?

This is sort of an impossible question for a product junkie, but I might have to say a hydrating mist. They hydrate, calm, help my oils absorb, I use them to mix dry masks and to remove eye makeup after loosening it with an oil cleanser. I also have a bottle of Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator and use it throughout the day to help perk up my skin and wake me up.

Is there a method of organization?

Because I have so many products, I need to make sure I see them easily - otherwise they don’t get used. I installed simple shelving and arrange products by categories: oils, mists and serums. My friends jokingly call my bathroom the beauty closet. I store cleansers next to the sink where they are easy to access, while balms and creams go into my bathroom cabinet. I have learned that taking time to keep things organized really helps me save time in the long run.

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