Behind Closed Doors: Lily Kunin


Founder and author of Clean Food Dirty City, Lily Kunin has been a part of the CAP crew since the very beginning. We've long awaited a look into her fridge, and when the day finally came, we were not disappointed. Lily is the queen of clean, simple and nourishing food, and her fridge delivers just that.

What's your food philosophy?

When it comes to my food philosophy, I'm a big believer in listening to your body and eating food that makes you feel good. The food that makes you feel your best will likely evolve over time, even by the week, and often varies from what works for friends, family, or your partner. I find myself craving (and listening to these messages) according to season and cycle. Right now I'm nourishing myself with grass fed bone broths, lots of cooked soups and vegetables and a bit more animal protein than during the summer.


What's in your fridge?

This is a snapshot of my LA fridge 2 days before heading back to the East Coast for 3 weeks, which is to say many days you will find it even more overflowing. It’s still a bit packed, as I snapped this picture the morning before a photoshoot. 


Top Shelf

I always have a few different jars of sauerkraut/kimchi/fermented veggies, homemade pickled onions and so on. My absolute favorite kimchi is from Cafe Gratitude (it's gorgeous and bright pink)! My bf eats it by the cupful, which is why it’s not pictured here :)

There are a couple different mustards, tahini, paleo mayo, and nutritional yeast which I use for dressings like my vegan caesar, sauces for roasted veggies and more. I also always have coconut aminos, gf low sodium tamari and rice vinegar for quick marinades and sauces (stocked in the door of the fridge).


Middle Shelf

We love having friends over and our fridge often hosts leftover party favors, like this champagne. I’m addicted to Pellegrino, and was pleasantly surprised when I heard Dave Asprey speak to its health benefits.

I usually have some coconut water, kombucha and almond milk on hand. I have a cup of mixed almonds/brazil nuts soaking, which I’ll make into milk for afternoon matcha and nighttime elixirs.

This time of year I almost always make a big pot of soup on Sunday. The big green jar is this week's soup of the week, I’m recipe testing a broccoli ‘cheddar’ that will be coming to the blog soon. Other staples: vegan chili from my book or this autumn vegetable soup.

Dave’s Korean is always in my fridge. This week I picked up 2 tempehs, lotus root, and pickled daikon. I’ll bring one of the tempehs on the plane with me (it’s perfect for travel and can be unrefrigerated for a couple days, they told me a mom ships three to her daughter in Texas every week)! Serious cult following.

I splurge on vegan coconut yogurt if it's available at the farmer's market along with hummus from Brother's. The sprouted Majestic hummus and garlic dip from Erewhon is also a favorite.


Bottom Shelf

Pasture raised eggs! I have a scramble a few days a week for breakfast with avocado and Siete grain-free tortillas or gluten free sourdough from Honey Hi. There are a few slices of the sourdough left, which I'm planning to toast in the oven to make croutons to top on my broccoli 'cheddar' soup. I love dairy but it doesn't agree with my skin so I will usually have Kite Hill's almond chive cream cheese or some vegan cheese from Blode Kuh on hand. 

There are also grapes to snack on during the afternoon and castelvetrano olives to snack on while I'm making dinner.

The Drawers 

My produce drawers are stocked with a combination of whatever looks best that week and usually ingredients for a few recipes I'm testing (often that's a big overlap)! This week it's broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, carrots, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, kale, spinach, tons of herbs and avocado. The lemons are out on a bowl in the kitchen.


Bottom Drawer

A few containers of bone broth and some leftover butternut squash. I'm a big fan of bone broth first thing in the morning. It completely changes my skin and gut when I'm consistent. 


Morning Elixir Drawer

Every morning I pull out this bin to start my morning routine. Usually it's a glass of water with several drops of ChlorOxygen and Xymogen RelaxMax. Then I make a morning matcha. My go-to is 12 ounces of hot water with 1.5 teaspoons of Matcha, 1/2 tablespoon of the CAP Coconut Butter and a serving of Moon Juice Mucuna Pruriens, Moon Juice Power Dust or Sex Dust, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and Sun Potion Tocos. If I want something extra decadent, I'll add a little grassfed ghee or steamed milk. 

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