Behind Closed Doors: Kirsten Kjaer Weis

With a diet rooted in alkalinity and a skincare philosophy guided by minimalism, Kirsten Kjaer Weis is our kind of makeup artist. Her brand is inspired by simplicity, sustainability and performance, all of which she achieves beautifully in her namesake line, Kjaer Weis. Read on to discover how she accesses beauty and vitality on all levels, from the inside out and the outside in.

What is your skincare philosophy?

Skincare really starts on the inside.

I try to have as alkaline of a diet as possible. Minimizing foods that are very acidic, it shows up in your skin. Eating a balanced diet with calming alkaline foods like cucumbers, green juices etc. will equally show up on your face. 

Get enough sleep, try not to be stressed out....We are holistic beings, you can’t just isolate the face in terms of self care.

Use simple skin care  products with pure, clean ingredients.

My skincare routine is definitely a “less is more” kind. I use our Cleanser, Toner, Beautiful Oil twice a day, and once a week I use a mild face scrub to take the dead skin cells off. I also have regular facials, yet that has of course been more of a do it yourself since Covid.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. 

I am from rural Denmark, I grew up on a working farm and lived a very minimalist life, living off the earth. After finishing school I moved to Paris to go to makeup school, and that became my path. I worked in the US and Europe as a pro makeup artist for over 20 years. I saw first hand what the conventional brands did and the effects of their makeup on models' faces as far as skin irritations, runny eyes, breakouts etc. I decided to launch my own line in 2010, creating a new category that merges high performance and luxury with a clean ingredients profile. The cleanest of clean. 

Where did your love of makeup stem from? 

Growing up I had a love of architecture, design, being creative. I just loved the art of creation and making something with your hands. After college I went traveling and upon my return home, I I wasn't ready to sit for 6 years to become an architect. I started an apprenticeship in Copenhagen with a leading aesthetician who took a liking to how I did makeup. A lot of us have a pivotal person in their life who changes things, and she was that for me. She suggested I go to the makeup school Christian Cheaveau in Paris, that set me on my path. Makeup was like painting, a creative outlet. I love the artistry of it. 

What inspired you to create Kjaer Weis?

I had lots of time to daydream as a kid and I would dream about starting my own thing one day. My dream was to make a difference, but how? 

When I was a working makeup artist, experiencing the effects of all the artificial ingredients on the skin and realizing there was nothing natural on the market that could perform at the level I wanted. There was a real white space in the market, in terms of natural makeup with high performance and pure ingredients. I wanted to create an alternative for women where they don't have to compromise. I really knew this world, I knew beauty, and I had a strong vision of what I wanted. But I had no idea what I was getting into, I just jumped. It felt right. 

Why is sustainability so important to you?

It's just a core value of mine.The beauty industry produces millions upon millions pieces of plastic that go into landfills each year. Right from the start I just felt a strong sense of responsibility in doing my part and not just continuing this. On photo shoots I went through so much product! Body lotion, mascara, lipstick. We’re completely drowning in it. It was impossible to ignore and not feel moved to create something different.

What do you do when your skin is feeling less than stellar?

A massage always gets me feeling better.  A hot steam bath. That’s wonderful for the skin. Cream Blush in Sun Touched on the apples of my cheeks. That’s a really efficient and fast way to make skin look better. 

Go-to product from the line. 

Every single day I wear The Beautiful Oil, Cream Blush, Invisible Touch Concealer and lipstick in Gracious from Nude Naturally collection. 

What do you wish people knew about natural skincare?

That natural beauty really PERFORMS! In my POV, nothing compares to the way our products feel on skin. It truly is skincare that functions as makeup. You’re getting a two-in-one product because of the purity of ingredients. The only real difference between a cream blush and moisturizer is that we add color into the cream blush. Otherwise, it's the same. The same properties, soothing, nourishing ingredients.

Favorite beauty hack?

I love using our Concealer as a foundation, all over the face in a pinch. It looks really natural and flawless. Also, you can quickly look polished with just the Cream Blush. Put it on eyes, cheeks and lips for natural, flushed color and definition. It's a very minimal pick me up.

What practices do you rely on to feel your best?

Getting exercise, and being diligent about it. I love rebounding on a trampoline. It’s become my favorite thing since lockdown. My whole mentality shifts. And daily meditation, internal focus and care. Even just 10 minutes sets the tone for the day.

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