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Behind Closed Doors: Kerrilynn Pamer


Since Kerrilynn’s recent relocation to California, her fridge has been filled with an abundance of treasures from Erewhon to Moon Juice and everything in between. No better time to take a look into her fridge for a glimpse of LA’s best.

My recent move to California has exposed me to a world of new flavors, new brands and odd seasons. As in, I’m still picking up fruit at the market, but not just apples. This discovery process is one of my favorite parts of being in a new place and my fridge is a shrine to those who are feeding me lately.

My typical day includes an abundance of vegetables, fruits, seeds, ferments and many, many tonics. I also love condiments and hot sauces and have been known to spend many hours strolling the aisles at grocery stores and farmer’s markets on the lookout for a new flavor sensation to bring home. As evidenced below.

TOP SHELF: An abundance of ferments: Brassica & Brine California Kimchi is the mellower, smoother version of the classic. Elegant and refined, with a hit of California magic thrown in. I don’t even know how to express the love that I have for the genius behind Dave’s Korean Food. For years, I wanted access to his products but unfortunately he doesn’t sell on the East Coast. Now I’m making up for lost time. His Kimchi is my absolute favorite and his Cucumber and Daikon Salads are perfection. Not in my fridge right now, because I ate it too fast, is his Tempah, which I could live on. If you get to California anytime soon, hit the farmer’s market or Erewhon and stock up.

Not sure about this cold brew coffee with CBD Oil in it. It landed in my bag after Mercado Sagrado last weekend. I think that John liked it. I don’t do coffee, so I can’t vouch for it. Always, lemons. Sassy Sauce from Botanica is a perfect hot sauce from a perfect restaurant. Pretty much anything those two ladies make, I’m up for. Their palate is spot on. Dr. Cow Reishi Cheese because I always need a little something from New York. And I think their nut cheese is the best.

SECOND SHELF: A bowl filled with radishes and peppers for the doggies. A jar of tahini is always on hand. Another bowl filled. This time with tamarinds. One of John’s favorites. Komische Kraut from our beyond brilliant chef friend, Greg Arnold, of Dark Horse Organics. Coconut Cream from Kippy’s. Say no more. Food for the doggies from Erewhon. Beef, pumpkin and potatoes. Gotta bulk those little chihuahuas up. And a flat of perfect berries from the market.

BOTTOM SHELF: A dozen eggs for John’s breakfast. Years ago I had no clue how to make eggs even though I considered myself a good cook. I decided to change that so I read the masterpiece “Egg” and learned how to make the perfect scramble. Now it’s one of my favorite morning rituals. I make them for John pretty much on the daily. Some corn tortillas to wrap those eggs up in. A box of arugula. Some Brazil nuts for milk. A Moon Juice container with Botija olives in it. The best hummus ever from Majestic Sprouted Hummus. And one of my favorite additions to my morning tonic, Morning Jing, from Shaman Shack Herbs.

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