Behind Closed Doors: Jamie Graber


My food philosophy is mostly plants, most of the time.  I go through times when it is all plants and seeds for months at a time, and other times I add in more grains and fish once a week.  I try my best to always choose balance, to make conscious food decisions and never eat out of habit or boredom.

What's your food philosophy?

People would be surprised to see that I don’t have a ton of produce filling the shelves of my fridge, the truth is I get most of my salads from Gingersnap’s and when we do get produce it is usually from the farmers market and used right away. With both of us in the restaurant  industry, we often don’t cook at home. We’re tired!


Top Shelf:

My obsession with all things fermented and condiments. There is never a time when I don’t have a multitude of krauts and pickled foods. I love the taste and the benefits for my gut. I love mustard, especially the one with apple cider vinegar and the Sriracha is my husband’s. You will also notice the Max Stress, which is liquid b12 from Premiere Research Laboratories, which I love. Instant energy!


Middle Shelf:

Everyone who knows me knows I have a love affair with my green soup, so you will often find a quart of it in my fridge, alongside a quart of our unsweetened sunflower milk. I also have a bottle of Gingersnap’s Organic Beauty Milk, inspired by Kerrilynn (a nut free sunflower milk blended with Maca, Date, Cinnamon, Sunpotion Tocos, and Sun Potion He Shou Wu). I always start my morning with my version of a bulletproof coffee, with Sunpotion herbs and either Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, or Ghee. I go through phases with Kombucha, the coffee one from Pilot Kombucha is my current favorite. Seaweed noodles I found in Canada that I refuse to eat until I can find more of them. They are amazing and currently unavailable in the US. And of course, more pickled foods.


Bottom Shelf: 

More green soup, house made pumpkin seed butter from Gingersnap’s, leftover cooked leeks my husband made me for dinner, a Freaky Chocolate Bar (one of my favorite treats), and my husband’s beer and cream cheese.


Top Drawer:

Filled with my husband’s cheeses and sausages.


Bottom Drawers:

My side is veggies. His side is beer.

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