Behind Closed Doors: Franny & Andrew


I met Franny and Andrew years ago when they were opening their pizza spot, franny’s, on a barren stretch of Flatbush Avenue. They brought their love of local produce, Italian food and family to the neighborhood and it was an instant success. I can’t even tell you the number of pizzas I consumed there (I seriously wouldn’t want to count it up!) pre-Celiac, but I have to say each and every one was worth it. In fact, there are only a couple foods that I sometimes long for and the Clam Pie is right at the top of that list. (can’t you make that gluten-free, Andrew?!). Recently they’ve undergone a bit of a shift in how they eat, think less cheese, less carbohydrates, so I naturally wanted a peek inside their well-stocked fridge. And if you can’t make it to their restaurant, pick up their cookbook.  My husband, John, shot it and Cindy styled it. A true family affair. – Kerrilynn



“My refrigerator is a true reflection of my family of four. My kids are 9 and 10 years old and eating a TON of food right now! I often find myself shopping every single day.

This is the best time of year in NYC and my fridge is stocked with lots of greenmarket vegetables: rhubarb, bok choy, fresh mint and oregano and asparagus. Everything else pretty much works around that; we always have on hand Calabrian chilies, anchovies, capers, olives, preserved lemons and generous chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano, feta cheese and Ricotta Salata.  From this, comes our dinner, sometimes accompanied by chicken, salmon or polenta. If my son, Marco had it his way, he would eat steak every single night. I think it’s the iron he is needing lately.

We center our diet on lots of protein and have been weaning our kids off the purely carbohydrate-centered snacks that took up a lot of their childhood. So Andrew keeps his homemade coconut bars and nut clusters stocked so they can grab something quick and full of protein instead.  We also keep a variety of nuts that Andrew roasts first; at the moment we have hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios stored up.

My daughter Prue is perfecting her egg cooking skills and lately has been making breakfast for her and Marco, so we keep a lot of eggs around. And pictured in the background is homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, just in case!

And for me, while I have definitely cut back on my wine consumption as I get older, I adore wine and usually have a bottle or two on hand; at the moment it’s a Sancerre from one of my favorite producers, Lucien Crochet and Foreau Vouvray, a sparkling option. Just in case.”

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