Behind Closed Doors: Erin Starkweather


I keep my skincare routine pretty streamlined, but my cabinet is usually pretty abundant since I work for CAP. I love testing all the new products that get sent to us for consideration, but if I try too many things at once, my skin freaks out.


One line that I know will always work for me is Tata Harper. Her products comprise the majority of my routine. In the morning I wash my face with the Refreshing Cleanser, then apply the Brightening Essence with the Brightening Serum (they work better together!). I may or may not follow that up with some eye cream, Julisis Eyemulsion is my favorite.

The evening is when I go deep into my skincare ritual. Every so often I’ll take my makeup off using the Nourishing Oil Cleanser, but most of the time I’ll just go straight for the Regenerative Cleanser. It has Apricot Seed Powder in it, so it gives a nice little exfoliation, but is gentle enough for everyday use. After throughly cleansing my face, I put on a mask. The Resurfacing Mask is my hands down favorite, but I usually rotate it with the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask. Both of those are really good for giving a glow to the skin. If my skin is red or inflamed, I’ll use the Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask which immediately calms it down. While I mask, I’ve also been doing a lip mask. I’m obsessed with the lip masks from KNC Beauty. When it’s cold outside, my lips are always the driest part of my face, so I love having a product that specifically addresses that when lip balm just doesn’t cut it! After about 20 minutes, I take my mask off with a Pai Muslin Facecloth. Not all wash cloths are made equally and this one gives my routine a little extra oomph. Same as the morning, I apply Brightening Essence with Brightening Serum and Eyemulsion, then maybe put on some Reparative Moisturizer if my skin is feeling extra dry.

On my body, I love oil. I usually wash with the Beldi Soap from Kahina in the shower, then rub myself in whatever oil I happen to have. Right now it’s a beautiful oil from Everyday Oil that smells like oranges. I also really like anything from Apothecanna for the body, I especially love putting on the Extra Strength Body Spray before bed. For whatever reason, the tingly sensation is super relaxing! That along with some incense or palo santo and I’m out like a light.


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