Behind Closed Doors: Daphne Javitch


Daphne Javitch, the founder of the soon-to-launch site, Doing Well, is a designer (remember the amazing line Ten Undies?), who left fashion for wellness. We like to refer to this crew as “fashion refugees”. And there are LOTS of them, us included. Lucky for us she’s taken her stylish and educated approach to design and focused it intensely on health and vibrant living. Clearly our kind of girl. Naturally we wanted a peek inside this healthy champion’s fridge. Prepare to go shopping.



My lush & happy fridge is filled with our favorite things: homemade almond milk, lettuces, watercress, cilantro, dark leafy greens to sauté, lots of lemons for my relentless water habit and for salad dressing, yams, celery! I juice & drink it straight first thing every morning (nature’s Gatorade) and add it to afternoon juices and then soups in the evening. Apples are my favorite (Pali, my husband, is Brazilian and thinks they’re pretty boring, though). I’m so grateful for our bounty.

We keep tomatoes, avocados, squashes and onions outside the fridge but they’re also staples. And you can’t see in the pic, but I have a stash of my favorite Fine & Raw chocolate bars on the door. Yum.

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