Behind Closed Doors: Countertop Foods


We're a little bit in love with Countertop Foods. And why wouldn't we be? Our grocery crush of the moment infuses pantry staples like butter and honey with functional herbs to help us infuse higher health into our meals, snacks and tonics. Ease is the name of the game. Vitality is the mission. Nicole Rice, one of the brand's founders, is a doula and Ayurvedic teacher. And since pantry staples are her game, we thought we'd take a look inside her cupboard. Here's what she keeps on hand for health and homesick days.

What do I always keep in my pantry? 

I always have a supply of mung beans and oats. And Vegemite, of course! As an Australian who has been living in the US 20 years, Vegemite is my go to when I'm feeling homesick. I take it with butter on toasted Dave’s Killer Bread! And I keep my eggs in the pantry. My Aunt and Uncle kept chickens and they swore that keeping eggs in the fridge changed how they tasted. I later leaned that it does break down the protein, so I always buy pasture raised organic eggs and they live in my pantry, not my fridge. (Editor's note: make sure your eggs aren't washed first before doing this practice, as we have been told that it can compromise them).

My food philosophy is definitely rooted in Ayurveda. Seasonal fruits and vegetables. Using spices when I cook everything, to warm the digestion but not overheat it. My Dosha is high Pitta so you won’t find chilis in my house, the warmest spices I use are black pepper and ginger. 

I love Golden Eggs. A tablespoon of Countertop Golden Butter and 2 eggs scrambled straight into the pan with the warmed Golden Butter. A handful of spinach thrown in and you have the perfect breakfast in less than 5mins. 

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