Behind Closed Doors: Camille Becerra


From her column for Food 52, to her time spent at Navy, Paloma and Cafe Henrie, we follow Camille Becerra’s every move in the world of food. A master of inspired cuisine and inimitable style, we found the contents of her fridge (not surprisingly!) just as visually appealing as they are appetizing.



“My home eating philosophy is about being creative with food. We don’t cook meat at home much, it’s mostly vegetarian.

I have a pantry of staples like grains, legumes and spices. I shop for fresh foods almost on a daily basis, especially in the warmer months when the veggies and fruits are abundant. During these months I buy a little extra and preserve, making kimchi or other ferments, hot sauce, preserved fruit for winter porridges and ricotta toasts.

Top shelf – Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (makes everything a bit better and better for you, Caviar (a favorite snack with sparkling wine and potato chips), homemade Ramp Berry Capers, Figs (it's Fig season, yay! They will be eaten raw and I’ll save some for the New York Times famous Plum Torte recipe in which I love to add Figs), Franciacorta sparkling wine (my favorite), and a vineyard I work with from time to time.

Second shelf – La Croix Citron (my daughter’s fave) and Coconut (my fave), homemade Kim Chi, homemade preserved Muscadine Grapes (back), Umeboshi Plums. I love adding Umeboshi when making sauces as they add the perfect amount of sweet, tart and umami flavors.

Third shelf – Stella Artois, a perfect beer for drinking while eating, light and refreshing and mild enough to go with most food.

Drawers – Lancaster Farm CSA produce. The mystery of a CSA box is something like the Chopped TV show, a creative challenge. Plus you support local farmers which is an important thing to do for our planet. In it was eggplant (I roast whole till soft, open it up and top with Romesco and a nob of triple Creme Cheese), Zucchini for fritters that I make with Chickpea Flour, Beets (I’m developing a Beet souffle for a project. I love a souffle, it’s light and nourishing), and Yellow Peppers (Yellow Pepper Romesco, yum)”

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