Behind Closed Doors: Amanda Chantal Bacon


During the Moon Juice cookbook shoot the fridge was LOADED up with all the magic of Amanda’s home kitchen.


As you can see, sweets were representing heavily the day I shot this, although there was one vegetable hanging around for good measure. Enjoy a sneak peek into this ultimate over the top and high vibe fridge.

Amanda: “This was a surprise attack fridge shot from Kerrilynn during the Moon Juice cookbook shoot!

I spy: lots and lots of moon sweets! Pumpkin milk, strawberry silver milk, carrot gingerbread cupcakes, a three tiered cake iced with raw vanilla and pearl frosting, whole coconuts for starting a batch of yogurt, a mother bath of macadamia nut cheese waiting to get formed, kabocha squash for dinner’s roast, and then shilajit tonics, probiotics, green juice, and a pyramid crystal in there for good measure!”

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