Behind Closed Doors: Emma Hyslop


Meet Emma Hyslop, founder of THE NAKD KITCHEN, a creative space for plant based recipes and self care ritual. Born and raised on the island of Newfoundland in Canada, Emma's passion for seasonal ingredients, healing through food and sustainable living run deep. With a belief that a health goes further than food alone, her writing shares an all encompassing view, connecting the dots between emotion, physical and mental health. Here she gives us a tour of where her process begins. To the kitchen and beyond!

What is your food philosophy?

Food connects all of us in one way or another. Whether it is cultural for some, or a certain dish that elicits a memory in the mind connecting family members to one another. One act we all must do in this life is to eat and I believe food connects us all regardless of background or language barriers. Food is the one essential we can all relate in this world, and we are so lucky to be able to utilize it as an art form as well as a tool of connection. Food is the way we share our love with those around us to build memories and connections around dishes. It’s a way to nourish not only our bodies but our souls through connection to others.

What are your thoughts on how food relates to beauty?

The food we consume is just as important as what we put on our bodies. Our skin is a direct reflection of what we fuel ourselves with, and as such the two both go hand-in-hand. Without a balanced diet full of healthy fats, protein and plants, how do we expect to have healthy vibrant skin?

What do you always keep in your fridge?

Sriracha, blueberries, raspberries, tahini (Seed + Mill is my favorite!), almond milk, greens, kimchi, lemons, apple cider vinegar, miso, Greenhouse Juice almond milk and dark chocolate.

Please give us a breakdown of each shelf. 

Top Shelf: On the very top shelf we usually store condiments, pickled vegetables, chili sauce, etc.

Middle Shelf: In the middle shelf is where we keep the good stuff. As an avid almond milk consumer (for matcha and oatmeal), I have finally discovered my favorite minimally processed super creamy brand; Greenhouse Juice, so we always have that in the fridge. Along with the Greenhouse we stock our fridge with other brands of nut milk like Dose and Califia. We like to stay well hydrated so often stock up on Greenhouse Juice’s range along with kombucha like Cove which is a close to home small batch company. Moving away from hydration (as you can see we have a lot of beverages), we also go hard on the condiments and in the back we have Primal Kitchen dressings along with ketchup, sriracha, apple cider vinegar for lemon water and dressings, soy sauce, Seed + Mill Tahini (the best in my opinion), and some CAP Matcha because I can’t go a day without it.

Lower Shelves: In the lower shelf where we store berries, some veggies, sprouted bread, along with light miso which I add to sweet and savory dishes. Last shelf is where we store tortillas, dark chocolate (Hu Kitchen or Glow Chocolate is the best), Good Belly gut shots, homemade chia jam and cage-free eggs (I don’t eat eggs but the family does).

Drawers: The first drawer we have tofu and grass-fed cheese (again, I don’t eat dairy but the family does). Lastly, we store our produce in the lowest drawer packed with lots of greens, lemons, carrots, cabbage, citrus and some plant based bars.

Please share a favorite recipe.

My Dill, Mustard, and Butter Bean Chowder is definitely one of my favorites and most popular recipe. The unexpected flavors are so warming and make for an easy weeknight dinner. You can find it here

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