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Kerrilynn first noticed the void. She was always intrigued by the ancient art of Feng Shui, with its energy shifting principles and focus on the home. But no one she knew was practicing Feng Shui with a style or aesthetic she could embrace. "Someone needs to modernize Feng Shui" she would always say. Then she met Meghan. Meghan Wallace James and her bicoastal Modern Feng Shui Consultancy fills the void and then some. Meghan is a mother, manufacturing engineer, Parsons-trained fashion designer, stylist and healer whose background in design is the feather in her cap. With mystic savvy and modern taste, she helps us create the spaces that invite in all that we desire. Here she turns her talents to the boudoir and teaches us to channel the energies of the new moon to build the closet of our dreams.  

BOUDOIR  A boudoir (French: [bu.dwaʁ]) is a private sitting room or salon in a furnished accommodation, usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a private bedroom.  The term derives from the French verb bouder (to sulk or pout) or adjective boudeur (sulking). The room was originally a space for sulking in, or one to put away or withdraw to. — Wikipedia; gendered pronouns removed by author

Who’s ready for some New Moon Modern Feng Shui?  Shall we use this time of darkness to initiate insightful alignment in both your inner and outer worlds?  And while we're at it, shall we bring back the concept of The Boudoir? C’est Oui, times three. In a modern application, Boudoir encapsulates master bedroom, closet and bathroom.  For this lunar cycle, let us narrow our scope by shining a particular light on your closet: your wardrobe.  In its most romanticized context, a wardrobe is a portal to joyful self expression.  It's a daily confidante, part partner in crime, part muse. And a closet? An altar to authenticity.

NEW MOON  On the night of the New Moon, sit in quiet contemplation in the heart center of your Boudoir. Feel into this space and internally inquire:

* How would an infusion of elegant minimalism and cleanliness bolster my energy?* How would a streamlined wardrobe positively influence my energetic imprint within my home and beyond?* How does the lunar cycle provide an inherent rhythm to a beautifully powerful reset?

Answers will come. Give gratitude. Then, in the name of Clarity, open your closet.

Turn on the lights, and your ‘energy detective’ eyes. What do you see? Which metaphors are visible? How do you feel? Is there any room to breathe? Are you inspired to don your wears and assume a glamorous role? If not, do not despair. In divine right timing, dedicate the time to move out of your closet before moving back into your closet. Take all hanging garments and lay them on your bed; do the same with all folded garments, including any living in a separate dresser. Then arrange all accessories and shoes on the floor, using a sheet for protection, if so desired. Any additional wardrobe elements sprinkled throughout your home? Add them to the mix.

Step back and take a gander. Allow the sheer bulk to resonate. Your closet was holding all this energy for you. Energy that is likely somewhat dated, ill-sized or tired and in need of TLC. “Thank you, dear closet.”

Now it is time to deep clean. Even if you are blessed with a cleaning service, today this is your job. Play chants, or eclectic world music, to lift the stagnation from every nook and cranny. Fill a bucket with warm water, adding a splash of nontoxic plant-based cleanser and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Wipe down the hanging rod, the shelving, any surfaces or drawers, and lastly the baseboard and floor. Use a Mr. Clean eraser to remove any scuff marks. Here’s the kicker: you are not just cleaning your space, you are cleaning your subconscious as well. So, clean until it becomes a graceful moving meditation.

Would you consider paint? Nothing chicer than a boldly colored closet. Paint or no paint, change your lightbulb for ‘bright ideas,’ which are always fun in regard to personal style. Choose a pretty faceted bulb, or get a small overhead shade to add polish. And if there are any string pulls out there, please upgrade to a chain pull, for this alone makes all the difference in the world.

With your closet sparkling, turn to your wardrobe. Start by releasing what no longer serves you, no longer captivates you. Those looks from a former life phase. If something carries a negative emotional trigger, no matter what you paid for it, or who gave it to you, donate or consign. Gather any remaining pieces that you love, yet require care, and load them into your car,  passenger seat not trunk, to take to the cleaner’s and cobbler’s. Are you only left with a dozen pieces? Congratulations, for a dialed in wardrobe is powerful in today’s climate of glaring excess.

When you are done, open the window(s) and apply smoke medicine: smudge your closet. Smudge your wardrobe. Smudge your body. Heck, smudge your whole home.

Return your wardrobe to your closet, with utmost loving care. Place like items together. This makes them happy. Merchandise as though you were arranging a jewelbox of a store. Yes, you may be vitally aware of the gaps in your fashion story, yet make peace with that for the time being. Do not fear “empty,” for Abundance adores to fill in a consciously created void.  Moreover, recall your last holiday, where you only wore what you packed; oddly, you can find such freedom in restriction.

Finish with a shower, and then ideally an Epsom salt soak. You shall sleep well tonight and likely have vivid dreams. Keep a notepad and pen on your bedside table, to capture any downloaded gems.

WAXING MOON  Whew, with your closet cleaned and your wardrobe purged, it is time to fill in the gaps. Name three adjectives you wish to embody. Say them, mean them, repeat them often. With these words imprinted in your mind, go shopping. Yes, of course factor in budget, though aim to keep it tight, whether a necessity or not. Purchase only the pieces you are truly lusting after. Lust & style go hand in hand.

How much magic could you make happen with one perfect pair of jeans, an autumnal vintage blazer tailored to your frame and a fresh pair of boots, professionally waterproofed and resoled? Fresh undies feel like a no brainer. And do you have matching hangers? Matching hangers are an instant energetic upgrade. Lastly, if you have an extra piece of art that has been floating around your space, consider hanging it in your closet for a playful flourish.

FULL MOON  This is the easy part: revel in the Style Oasis you have created. Give name to your Capsule Collection. Reflect on the rhythm of getting dressed each day. Does it feel more luxurious? Has anything shifted in your life since minimizing your wardrobe and revamping your closet? Are you more pulled together? Are you eliciting a different reaction from your peers? Hopefully you find yourself smiling as you select your outfit, confidently preparing to face each new day.  Harness the power of a Pause, thoughtfully considering each new purchase. Conscious Consumerism is the new black.

WANING MOON  You are sensing the correlation between visual metaphor and lived experience. With that in mind, is there another layer of purging that could happen? Does everything in your closet adhere to your three adjectives? Make one final pass of your wardrobe, paying particular attention to anything lurking in drawers. Aim for 50% volume in each drawer, as well as on the hanging rod, with a nice touch of distance between each hanger. Speaking of which, try arranging your hanging attire from heavy and dark, to light and bright. Uplifting, soothing, and Kondo-approved.

NOTE  If you are calling in partnership, dedicate style space for your future partner with a handful of empty hangers and an empty drawer.  Very considerate, not to mention energetically sound.

Now begin to muse on moving along to a new spatial aspect of your Boudoir, or your home at large, as the next New Moon is approaching. Just wait and see. This work is addictive and effective. Your home will soon be completely activated and in tune with Luna.

P.S. Where does your Boudoir fall on The Bagua?

Exhibit: Westernized Bagua Map à la Sam Haskins’s “Cowboy Kate”

JOIN THE CULT  Meghan is honored to offer The Thinking CAP readers a 10% discount via code BEAUTY, honored throughout this lunar cycle.  Ready to Begin Again? / @meghan.wallace.james

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