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Beach Bag Essentials


There’s nothing we love more than a bright and sunny day at the beach to refresh our minds and soothe our souls from the fast-paced hustle of the city.



As the summer season gets into full swing and the sea calls to us we’re looking for the best of the best to uplevel our day at the beach. Here’s what we’re bringing to keep our vibe high and our body happy.

Jao Brand Goe Oil – Perfect for quenching parched skin, we use this pre and post sun. The decadent formula keeps our skin hydrated and the scent of Tahitian Monoi makes any beach feel like a tropical getaway. Even The Rockaways.

ZenBunni Chocolates – The most delicious and inspired flavors (Maui Turmeric Ginger, anyone?), these are the perfect snack for the beach.

CAP Beauty The Anointing Oil – Our Anointing Oil instantly brightens our mood and freshens us up. Use over pulse points and the base of the neck and watch your day go from good to great. Alexis Smart In Love – We love adding a couple drops of In Love from Alexis Smart to our drinks to keep our hearts open and our minds clear. This tincture is uniquely potent and a must have in our bag. Always.

Palo Santo – We also carry our sacred wood with us. Even to the beach.

Pictured in a CAP Beauty Make-Up Pouch. For more Sun + Summer, shop here.

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