Bathe and Be Love


Through the end of June, CAP Beauty will donate half of all profits from The Love Bath to The Yellowhammer Fund, a charity that provides funding for anyone seeking care at one of Alabama’s three abortion clinics. Bring your body into harmony, soak in the love and share your support. Because we believe all women and girls should have access to healthcare.

When it comes to unwinding, CAP takes selfcare seriously. The Love Bath transforms, marrying vibrational flower energies with the rejuvenating and healing powers of salt. Powerful minerals and the heart-opening scents of The CAPtivator come together to open your portal for love. Sandalwood, Neroli and Clary Sage soothe the nervous system as the mineral bath detoxifies and assists lymphatic drainage. Love and magnetism come alive. 

Bathe yourself in holy water and be born again with a Spring bath. A true act of self-love, bathing nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Salt baths (Epsom and Dead Sea salts are among our favorites) infuse the body with magnesium and other vital minerals, soothing sore muscles, encouraging better sleep and fighting inflammation.

Burn your Palo Santo or favorite incense and prepare for your soak. Fill the tub with hot water, and visualize it healing your body. Add the salts to the bath. Swirl the salt around the tub, step in and slowly lower yourself into the water. Lie back and relax for 10 to 20 minutes, while listening to a guided meditation. When you feel thoroughly relaxed, exit the bath and wrap yourself up in a thick towel. Then, go rest and take in the transformative and healing properties of the salt.

Previous Love Bath charities include: Environmental Working GroupEvery Town, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club

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