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Our toolkit for wellbeing is stocked with practices that range from the simple to the complex, but lately we find ourselves leaning towards the simplest of habits to shift the mundane from routine to ritual. Enter the bath. Whether you're taking a short shower, long bath or a dip in the ocean, water is one of the tried and true tricks to shifting your state fast. Another tool we rely on are the objects we surround ourselves with, so when we discovered BAINA, a sustainable, luxurious toweling line concepted in New Zealand, and woven in Portugal, we knew that our bathing ritual was complete. Welcome the power of intention into your routines, and uplevel your choices to reveal your best self. The art of bathing has never looked, or felt, so good.

How did you two come to launch Baina?

After a career in fashion, we both found ourselves working in the furniture and interior design industry in Melbourne where we quickly became enamoured with the principles of working with products that are inclusive and functional. We were fortunate to be a part of a brand that considered sustainability and environmental responsibility at the forefront of their business, sparking the movement toward what would ultimately become BAINA.    

Has the bath always been a space you've found interesting?

We both agree that bathing as an act is important to us as individuals, sharing this almost as a thread throughout our lives, frequented as a space to reflect, or decompress. 

The space itself, interested us aesthetically because of the neutrality that is commonly expressed in bathrooms. We felt this was somewhat of a canvas for us to subtly disrupt through the design and elevation of BAINA towelling.

You fabricate in Portugal, can you share your decision to weave there?

When you produce a product such as towelling, you really want to make the products in a region where they specialize in that item. Portugal has a wonderful reputation as leaders in towelling manufacturing. Our particular factory has progressive views in sustainable production, and are ever evolving their manufacturing efficiencies to be less impactful on the environment.

What is the intention behind Baina?

Bathing in our own experience is intimate and quiet, which is in stark contrast to the traditional bathhouses in many cultures, where bathing is very social, public and free of inhibition. BAINA is more inward, reflective and focused at isolating time within the daily routine for oneself. 

Your imagery is so elegant and modern, is there anything in particular you are referencing when creating?

Thank you very much. Given the above statement regarding our intentions, we see our imagery as a way to communicate an intimacy or stillness that bathing is at its essence. I think before launching BAINA, many towel brands (if not all) have had a catalogue feeling in their imagery and lack the human element. We are very careful to include the body, as it helps to iterate our messaging of what BAINA is. Time with self.

Are there specific places or cultures you look to for inspiration?

We seek and find inspiration in a multitude of places, taking a spark from the smallest of details. We look closely at architecture, interior design, art, fashion, and we are guided heavily by colour theory. 

Do you have plans to expand beyond the bath?

We only want to focus on towels, granted this may extend into robes etc. but for us BAINA is towelling: terry organic cotton, beautifully designed, thoughtfully produced.

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