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Meet Ayesha Ophelia, creator and visionary behind The Girlfriend Manifesto, a community dedicated to self love, spirituality and sisterhood. Her work is a love song to women and the power of intent. Today on The Thinking CAP she’s sharing the rituals and practices that keep her going and how to find empowerment within ourselves. Read on and let Ayesha be your guide.   

Tell us a bit about The Girlfriend Manifesto and why you started it?

The Girlfriend Manifesto started in the midst of massive changes. My mom was gravely ill, my marriage was coming undone, and my career was shifting. I felt everything around me moving and I sought something that felt like steady ground which to me has always been my connection to women and sisterhood. The name The Girlfriend Manifesto flew into my consciousness and that was all I needed. I crafted a gathering or women's circle around the name and the idea of connecting with women I felt inspired by. From that point, it turned into an outlet for a massive amount of creativity I had been holding back on. I was able to pour myself completely into this project centered around sisterhood, adventure, self-love, and spirituality. 

What is your manifesto and why should we all have one?

The roots of my manifesto are sisterhood, self-love, adventure, and spirituality. Every year I create a manifesto around my birthday and those foundations always have different branches. As we move and grow our desires, and needs change and an update to our written manifesto is needed. A manifesto in many ways acts as a sacred GPS system. Informing you as to which decision will bring you closer to your core desires, feelings, and goals. Without that, we can sort of feel like rudderless ships being tossed about by life's circumstances. When we empower ourselves to sit down and consider what would bring us joy, fulfilment or purpose and then take the time to write out an "instructional manual" if you will, our life listens. 100% success rates! 

How do you start your day?

I start my day with some sort of writing or reading space, gentleness, tea/herbs, sunshine, and movement.  If I do these things I can feel a difference in my bodyspace and my headspace. If I skip or skimp life doesn't flow.

What practices do you have that support you feeling your best? 

I love working with rituals which can embody any type of practice. To me, a ritual is a way to bring change directly into my body and experience. For instance, the Cancer New Moon was last night and I created a whole ritual or ceremony around the idea of knowing in the darkness. Using our intuition as a beacon. I had candles going, something I call the musical oracle, I picked oracle cards, I did a wombsteam, and I ended the ritual by texting a handful of girlfriends asking them what one characteristic they think would make a great partner for me. It was like an energetic coalescing of this magical partner I am calling in. I also love working with sound, frequency, and creative pursuits as ways to support my healing and well being.

Who or what inspires you? What have been some of your biggest influences?

Life as a whole is phenomenally inspirational! Sometimes it's a song lyric. Or a face in the clouds. Or overhearing a conversation that kids are having. I find inspiration to be a drug that I take often. It would be easier to say that I find the bulk of my inspiration in the creative arts -- music, dance, poets, authors, thinkers, and movies. 

What are your techniques for handling stress?

Lately, it has been somatic work. Experiences through the wisdom of the body to do what it does naturally. The body does not personalize trauma, it just goes into healing mode. Our mind is what holds us prisoner. Using the wisdom of the body seems really smart right now. If I'm sad I find a weighted blanket and cry and shake and breathe. I am hopelessly devoted to my Pure Barre creates so much space in my mind and my body. I also find dance to be hugely cathartic and powerful stress buster. Also, Love Island UK shuts my brain off and I can just be. Guilty pleasure or just plain smart?!

What are some of your favorite books?

Lately Tokopa Belonging, The Artist Way, The Shamanic Way of the Bee, Women That Run With The Wolves, You can Heal your Life, and The Invitation by Mountain Oriah Dreamer. All of these books have hugely expanded my comfortability with the mystery.

Do you have a favorite ritual?

Life is my ritual and it is indeed my favorite one.

What tips do you have for finding more self-love?

Self-love is a becoming. The more we interact with the true self and make decisions from that space the more self-love we will find in existence. We can take all the bubbles baths and crystal courses we want but without that true connection to self, we wither. 

How do you end your day?

With gobs of gratitude for all that was. 

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