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Our CAP Beauty estheticians are here for you. In this column we enlist our team of healers to address your questions. Read along and be ready to learn as Cara, Crystal, Amity and Jeni share the love. From facial massage to picking products, they’ll cover it all. Learn their tips and at home tricks for achieving and maintaining clear, vibrant, dewy skin. And if you have a question for our estheticians, send it in to Their doors are open, so step inside and learn.

Just wondering if you have any suggested products for a new routine to deal with congested, combination skin? The Dr. Alkaitis purifying cleanser has always been my go-to, but my beloved pot of May Lindstrom The Problem Solver has run out and nothing seems to be shifting my stubborn forehead spots. Not helped by recent Christmas indulgences either. With interviews coming up, I’d be grateful for any advice! 

"You are on the right track in thinking your Christmas indulgences contributed to your breakouts. Face mapping reveals that forehead breakouts are likely linked to digestion. If you struggle with digestive issues you may want to seek help for it, since it can impact your health and skin. Generally, cutting back or eliminating dairy, sugar and gluten can help prevent acne. Eating a whole foods diet rich in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and probiotics can help bring the skin and body back to balance. You can also try adding stress relieving activities into your daily routine. 

As for your products, ideally I would look at your skin in person during a treatment to accurately assess what is going on. But I can recommend the Kristina Holey x Marie Veronique Intensive Repair Serum applied to the area you feel congested or breaking out. Apply it a few times a week at night on clean skin. This is a refining serum with lactic acid that will help decongest and soothe inflammation in the skin. I also recommend applying the Kristina Holey x Marie Veronique Barrier Repair Serum both morning and night to reestablish healthy barrier function in your skin and help keep it hydrated. Applying the Marie Veronique Treatment Oil in the morning will help break up congestion while keeping skin hydrated and protected. You can also apply the Marie Veronique Treatment Serum to larger breakouts as a spot treatment.

There’s also a DIY home treatment that can be very effective for breakouts: organic yogurt. (This tip comes via Marie Veronique herself and if you want to delve deep you can check out her informative and fun book, "The Acne Answer".) Get the full fat, whole milk variety with the highest probiotic strains you can find. You can either use it to cleanse your face once daily, or apply a thicker layer and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes as a mask. The lactic acid in yogurt is gently exfoliating, while also calming and hydrating. If you are able to make it in for a treatment, your esthetician can make more specific recommendations. But these products are a good start on a clear skin prescription. Good luck with your job interviews!" Amity Spegiel, CAP Esthetician.

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