April Events


The lighter brighter days of Spring are on. There’s magic in the air. Greet the season with open arms and let its light be your cue to recommit to deep self care. From beauty foods to plant-powered skincare to the role of technology in health and medicine, we’ve got the events to fuel your most feverish Spring. Join us and thrive.


CARLA OATES, THE BEAUTY CHEF GLOW ADVANCED Carla Oates, the brilliant mind behind one of our most beloved products, Glow, will be sharing the latest addition to her range, Glow Advanced. Come with your most pressing questions about the gut and how it affects your skin’s health. Learn from the master how to uplevel your inside to reveal your most beautiful outside.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12TH at 7PM DR. ROBIN BERZIN, PARSLEY HEALTH THYROID HEALTH, GOING DEEP Founder of Parsley Health, Dr. Robin Berzin, will be discussing thyroid health and sharing tools to encourage your healthiest state. Expect to dive deep into topics such as fatigue, weight gain and infertility and learn ways to return to your true state of balance. Health reimagined.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19TH at 7PM JULES MILLER, THE NUE CO. VITAMINS UPLEVELED The Nue Co. harnesses the power of plants to build an arsenal of supplements that deliver ideal nutrition through whole plant ingredients. And Jules Miller, the founder of The Nue Co. is wellness royalty. Taking the baton from her grandfather who helped to develop the B12 supplement(!), she built a line that embraces simplicity, function, beauty, design and an impeccably sourced roster of ingredients. Pre and probiotics co-mingle with plant proteins and nutrient dense plants for a modern addition to our wellness arsenal. Come hear her distinctively modern take on the power of supplements through whole plant botanicals.

FRIDAY, APRIL 21ST at 7PM THE FULLEST MAGAZINE LAUNCH EVENT Join us to celebrate the launch of The Fullest, a stunning print magazine devoted to merging the gap between wellness and culture. Raise a glass to the printed page and embrace this artful, beautiful take on living well.

Wednesday, APRIL 26TH at 7PM JENNA LEVINE, LINNé INGREDIENTS 101 The herbalist and creator of skincare line, Linné, will share her love and knowledge of plants in this evening dedicated to the plant kingdom. Expect to learn and incorporate the power of plant medicine into your daily life and reveal your true radiance.

As always, all events are free to all. RSVP here.

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