Animal Spirits


At CAP Beauty we believe deeply in the power of ritual, on the daily and especially in times of transition and new beginnings. We find ourselves relying on them for inspiration, guidance and to ground ourselves. It's also no secret that our love for animals runs deep, both in the physical realm and in symbol. Where ritual intersects the Animal Kingdom, we find our beloved Animal Spirit deck, a tarot set based on the guidance of our creature kin. Read on to discover Kerrilynn's daily ritual and how she taps into their power. 

Each morning, Kerrilynn closes her eyes and sends energy towards a loved one in her life. She pulls one Animal Spirit Tarot card and texts a picture of the card to the person in her thoughts along with an explanation of its symbolic significance. Like a fortune for the day ahead, a touchstone or secret guide, these cards have the ability to let us understand its events with clarity and insight. Her ritual is an act of love produced in minutes, a gift to loved ones near or far. Ancient wisdom meets modern tech savvy.


These 63 cards are filled with powerful animal archetypes from realms both natural and mystical. Pull a card a day or dive deeper with a more complex spread. Add the cards to your tarot practice to bring clarity and nuance to your readings. Use the deck for self-reflection, as an oracle or for inspiration. The pen-work and watercolor washes bring creatures to life, making the deep esoteric themes of the tarot accessible to all. These cards lead us gently toward the wildest unknown, where our most precious wisdom is found.

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