A Wardrobe Of Masks


It’s no secret that here at CAP, we love our rituals, in whatever form they may take; a morning adaptogenic herb blend, a warm bath, an evening yoga practice.


A ritual is about carving out sacred time to create space in your body and your mind while releasing toxic energy, and doing so with intention and beauty. We believe that these few minutes (or longer!) spent purely on self love and self indulgence, are essential to being whole and being well.

These kinds of ritualistic practices can translate smoothly into your skincare regimen in the form of facial masks. Masks are simple ways to make your evening skin session less of a chore and more of a treatment. They add an extra pampering dimension to your usual routine, and give you those few extra minutes to relax and breathe the day away. Since our skin is constantly changing day to day, especially in this hectic city, it’s great to have a variety of masks in your cabinet to address exactly how your skin is feeling in the moment. Below are a selection of some of my personal favorite masks that cover all the bases.

1. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

When your skin is feeling dull and lifeless, reach for this pink gellée treat. The combination of aloe, pink clay, and salicylic acid helps to draw out impurities, tighten pores, and even the complexion of the skin. I have never met anyone who doesn’t LOVE this mask. It’s a great one to do before you go out or before an event. Leave it on for a full 30 minutes for the most refreshed, glowy complexion ever.

2. May Lindstrom Problem Solver

When your skin is feeling congested, oily, or just overall down, The Problem Solver is IT. This mask is intense, in the best of ways. A dark powder made up of nutrient rich clays, raw cacao, and warming spices, this mask really jump starts circulation, working to fight and heal blemishes and inflammation that have been stagnant in the skin. You want to leave this one on for a full 45 minutes. For a super warming and detoxifying treatment, apply the mask and then step into a warm bath, breathe deeply and feel your body release toxins and stress from head to toe.

3. Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask

For those who suffer from redness, rosacea, and overall inflamed skin, this is the treatment mask for you. This mask is great for everyone, really. It is essentially a vitamin packed green smoothie. For your face. Wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina. All of those superfoods we love to use to nourish our body internally also provide deep nourishment for our external skin cells. Do this mask weekly to build up the protective barrier and general health of your skin.

4. Odacité Deep Hydration Masque

For the eternally dry, this silky concoction is your best friend. Use this creamy treatment anytime, anywhere. Sleep with it on. Apply before a long flight. You can even leave it on as a moisturizer. Aloe, olive oil, and jojoba coat the skin with moisture and leave it supple, smooth, and quenched. 

5. The Masque Treatment Bowl + The Facial Treatment Brush

Because no mask ritual is complete without a gorgeous ceramic bowl and facial brush to do the job!

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