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BRAND: The Fountain Tarot

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We were first drawn to the Fountain Tarot cards by its mysterious, yet silver-streaked exterior, pulling at our subconscious to open the cover. We’re so glad we did - the substantial weight of each card, lined on all sides by a thin streak of silver iridescence, are only the beginning of the delights which await you. This deck is a true labor of love, the product of over a year’s work by three masterminds. Each illustration was first conceived of as an original oil painting, and comes from the idea of sacred geometry, as first noticed by the artist from crystals and minerals. Included with the deck is an inspired guidebook, explaining each card. Who needs crystal balls when you have this beauty?



Ask the deck your most burning question, then cut and deal. Guidebook included.

  • Fountain Tarot Deck & Guidebook
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