22 Karat Climax Cup $64.00

BRAND: Romy Northover

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No. is founded by artist and ceramicist Romy Northover who describes her style as “ancient future”. Romy spent time working in Hong Kong, Venice and Berlin before opening her studio in New York. She uses the Japanese techniques of Kinder, Tebineri and Rokuro in her work, and each cup is individually decorated using slips and glaze. Expect variation from the cups pictured, as each ceramic is hand made. The lustre is 22 Karat Gold.



Fill with your favorite beverage and enjoy.

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  • Fill this handmade ceramic cup with your favorite beverage and enjoy.

  • The perfect vessel to store and conserve Matcha and tonic herbs for convenient access when inspiration strikes.

  • Fill with nutrient rich and beautifying smoothies, tonics, elixirs or simply spring water for an unmatched experience in radical self care.

  • 22 Karat Climax Cup
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